Uk Twitter Chat Hours In Google Calendar

Hi everybody my name is Klaus guys endeavor and like to share productivity tip with you to stay on top of the two different Twitter hash two hours that take place in the UK to be honest with you we are am stunned found it quite difficult to keep up with all the different chat hours that are going on and.

Various parts in the country at various times so what we did we create our own internal calendar and what I would like to do I like to share that calendar with the wider Twitter community as it really helped us to stay on top of the different hours what’s going on and to be more.

Organized and more productive what we did we put 13 different calendars together representing Twitter chat hours across the country separated by M geographical area also some areas like food and health and e-commerce we put them together on this page here.

And we are sharing it with everybody if you would like to add those to your own calendar just scroll here to the bottom where it says plus google calendar just click.

Have the option to add it to your own calendar so this will add the entire calendar that you just selected to your own calendar I’ll transitively what you can do you can also just add individual entries would you do here you click on an entry you click to copy to my calendar unfortunately Google doesn’t.

Copy over here to repeat settings you have to select dos manually for example that takes place everyday daily every weekday you select done and that’s it you can save.

It and you’ve added it to your own calendar speaking about Google calendars or I really like is that when you have a separate calendar as you can see down here you can just turn it on and off you can also change your own settings.

Your notification settings on your phone so that you won’t get interrupted with those notifications but you still get you important meetings from your primary calendars on most iphone and android phones you can set in notifications alarms by calendar.

So that you can focus on the important events and only take part in the Twitter.

Chat hours if you’re available I hope you enjoyed this and if.

You like what you heard today made and please share it with the wider Twitter community because we’re.

Going to help everybody want to spread the word about this calendar also if you see any anything missing please contact at us and lastly if you.
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