How I Plan My Day (and Entire Week Ahead) For Success

I’m always deeply curious about how the really effective productive successful people spend their days late do they spend it swarming around laying by a swimming pool or perhaps no just hanging out in the rooftop Bars I think not I think they are ruthless about their time management and prioritizing what matters in their life and if there’s one thing.

That I’ve learned over all the years of business now is that discipline equals freedom and as a free spirit who for many many years was.

Just like I want to do what I want when I want I would.

Just want to go and choose where I want to travel and I think I only want to work on these things that like me up today I realized pretty quickly that that wasn’t actually really freedom that was disorganization that was not being accountable to what matters that was not taking responsibility for how I wanted to.

Live my life and how I wanted to spend my time so if you are one of those people – I totally get it but you’re actually becoming your own worst enemy and if you are somebody who has 30 daily things on your to-do list you’re also setting yourself up to.

Fail because what I realized even a couple of years ago when I took a very good hard look at my calendar we don’t actually have.

That much time we don’t have that much time in a week if you take out eating sleeping Fitness friends family social events meetings appointments and all those are the wonderful things that just make up life and are also important you really have and research has proven.

Around three focused productive hours of work a day three now of course we have more than that depending on how effective you are but in reality if you take into account disruptions distractions procrastinating and life at the end of the day if you actually just allowed yourself three hours a.

Day and that’s all you had you would use those three hours so much more effectively than you currently do it I can guarantee.

You so I’d like to show you today a little peek behind the scenes of how I plan out my week before I actually share my physical screen I want you to not freak out because it looks really full-on and busy and there’s lots of beautiful colors and what I want you to focus on is how I reframed is the more than I can block out exactly what I want to work on.

As well as my free time which is baked.

In to my calendar that means date nights with Josh that.

Means walking with the dogs that means Fitness massages dinners cultural events weekends away it’s all baked in so when I’m then left with is the exact amount of time that I have.

In my day to work on the stuff that matters put in you time self-care holidays vacations first I know that’s a little bit of a what but the first thing that gets taken.

Away when you’re stressed out and really busy as your weekend is your long weekends as your holidays is your vacations some of you may be like Natalie I never give up my holidays well good for you because that’s the way it should be.

But I do see too many entrepreneurs going you know what I’ve just got to work this weekend.
Or I’ve got to do another late night or.

I’m gonna stop doing yoga I’m not gonna make it to my gym class because I haven’t achieved.