How I Plan My Day (and Entire Week Ahead) For Success

If you knew how much is possible to achieve.

In a day and you actually were more realistic about that I think what you would do is condense the amount of work that you have to.

Fit within the shorter time.

Window and you would do far more effective work so that’s exactly what I do is my calendar let’s dive over from my computer.

Which I’ve got right here and I will show you what the heck I’m doing so okay I know it looks freaky but this.

Is my week this week which I’m just showing you today I’m here at studio and I’m recording vlogs all day pretty much but what I wanted to show you is.

That baked in every morning is the morning rhythm and I did a whole vlog on this called my new energizing morning routine it’ll show you exactly what I’m doing in that time but it absolutely is my time that it sets me up for success every single day and makes me feel amazing and energized I have blocked out 15 minutes of planning every morning which doesn’t think she sound like much but 15.

Minutes is what I need to look at what the goals are that I’ve set for today using my life pilot spreadsheet.

Tool and also making sure that they’re the right ones and then I will dive into what I need to do so every single thing in dark blue is business and shout.

Out to a meal and II know who had shot a video like this while I had this one in my head to do.

For you and she does a similar set up so it was really really neat to see how she does it but what’s scheduled gets done and the only way.

This calendar system works as if you actually commit to it so if you look at your calendar setup and you’re like ah no I don’t feel like doing that now well then you better make.

Sure that that wasn’t a priority or you have shifted it to somewhere else so I know for the rebels out there this calendar may be like mmm but it really works when you focus in and you just go yep I’m gonna do that in addition to this I use toggle that’s Tod GL com it’s an awesome tool which basically tracks all my time so I’ll.

Pop it up right now it’s a little desktop app and as you can.

See here I can actually put in exactly what I’m working on as well as what project is that for so I have projects baked in here as well and think my favorite word for the day is baked in and I can see exactly how much time things are actually taking me to do I toggle my entire day it’s genius so I set myself up with 25 minute Pomodoro’s to achieve most.

Of these things that I’ve blocked out 25 minutes of working five-minute.

Break I go out throw the frisbee for the dogs I drop down and do some press ups or I do some sit-ups I jump around I dance some music I go and.

Hug and kiss Josh I might jump on a really quick a call to somebody I might leave a friend a message five minutes not doing that work and.

Then straight back into it and I tell you those fake deadlines that the toggling does and the Pomodoro are amazing for making you just.

Focus in on what exactly needs to.

Be done and you can see that I’ve got first student here Josh and I eat breakfast together if we’re working from home I.