How I Plan My Day (and Entire Week Ahead) For Success

Have lunch put in here we have a date night and as you can see down here we have a reflection time so that’s.

The end of the day before we’re going to bed when we’re relaxing and we look at how did our day go did we hit and achieve our three most important goals that are over in our life pilot spreadsheet which I’ll just flick over.

To now these are our weekly goals so we set our three most important weekly goals every single week on a Sunday and then we also set our daily goals and they’re all color-coded business health lifestyle personal growth wealth relationships you name it it’s all in our life pilot process it’s awesome and then each day we look at these and we.

Go did I hit it did I progress it or did I miss it and that actually has started to build a really amazing pattern for us on.

What is working in our life where we.

Procrastinate any trends that we see like what time’s the day we really shouldn’t schedule in deep work focused work like writing producing strategies proposals times of the day we were better to do stew quick life admin we were better to do Fitness we were better to book in meetings with people it’s been transformative if you want to learn more about life pilot just head to life pilot oh we have a.

New cohort opening regularly and it is transforming other people’s lives because it is a system for life planning and focusing on your head your heart and your gut and.

Really matters to you seriously been amazing back to the calendar so this works incredibly well to.

Me what I wanted to show you is down here on the left to have several calendars Natalie business is all my business related tasks Cairo New Haven is the name of the property.

Josh and I have and that is where we put in our together time so our breakfasts our reflections our date nights our fitness our afternoons off as you can see here we have recharge we’ve.

Just taken three hours out on a Wednesday just to go either for a hike massage but whatever it is three hours of not working I have my personal calendar but that’s really where.

I book in my own appointments from its say the dentist or something that doesn’t need to be in my business calendar and it doesn’t need to be in my calendar that’s.

Shared with Josh you’ll also see up the top that in gray I have my asana toss so I’ve also got my asana calendar in there and I can take that off at any point but I really like this because what I do in a sauna these days is.

Actually set the exact time and date to be doing something so I can come in here and I can say this is the date and I want to add a time and it will actually then put it in my calendar for that.

So for those of you wondering how to actually let me put my tools to work with my calendar this is how I’ll be sharing them more of them on this channel and in videos like this so that is how I set up my day and that is how I get so much done.

And focus on the priorities I hope you’ve enjoyed it I would love for you to share in the comments below how you set your calendar how you work on the most important things and how that is working out for you I’m Natalie Sisson your fellow freedom most thanks for watching time and you’re out there can you hear me.

Why do you go so fast where do you go come back to me time.