How To "time Block" (and Why It's The Best Productivity Hack You Should Use)

Hello everyone welcome to this video and in this video I want to share a very commonly used productivity technique which is time blocking now time blocking is a technique that I’ve been using for the last few years and well quite a few years now actually and it’s probably the one technique that I credit the most of my productivity.

To I really do believe that through consistent time.

Blocking I personally have been a lot more productive over the years and I’m always experimenting with different ways to be productive but this is one technique or one habit that.

I’ve always used that still remains to this day because I do find it is so effective for me now in this video I’m going to go into the practical how to actually implement time blocking but please take a look at the blog post that I wrote that accompanies this video where I talk more about the.

Benefits of time blocking and I go into some other more advanced tips and strategies as well very quickly to touch on the benefits because.

I do want to highlight some of these at the beginning firstly well actually firstly stunning with what is time blocking first of all if you haven’t heard this concept before time blocking is basically a concept.

Where you take the tasks on your to-do list so here I have a basic to-do list and you actually block out or create appointments on your calendar to represent when you’re going to work on those specific tasks you’re actually planning for this task here prepare sales presentation where.

Are you going to create an appointment that says ok this is when I’m going to work on that task at a very basic level that’s what time blocking is about now to talk about the benefits of time blocking as I said I go into more detail on my blog post but to touch on them briefly firstly it forces you to think about the amount of time required for that you need to do your work I think one of the challenges of managing.

A to-do list is that sometimes you could have maybe 10 things due today but if you don’t think about how long you need.

To actually do those 10 things you might get to half way through those tasks and you actually run out of time so actually time blocking forces you to think about the amount of time it takes you to complete those tasks so you can be more realistic with how.

You actually tackle those tasks on your to-do list it also helps you to convert good intention into action and and this sort of goes to hand at hand with my third point which is that it helps you.
To prevent procrastination by actually putting an appointment.

On York because right now pretty much most people use their calendars for phone calls or meetings you know time sensitive things where you’re basically making a.

Commitment to somebody else that you’re going to show up at a particular time and when you actually apply that mentality and make that commitment to yourself that you’re going to show up and complete a task at a specific time it helps you to.

Turn your good intention on those things on your to-do list into action and again that helps you to overcome procrastination it helps.

You to stop getting distracted because you have a clear sense of purpose and focus throughout your day you’ve got.