How To "time Block" (and Why It's The Best Productivity Hack You Should Use)

If I think this sales presentation is going to be an hour long task I might block out an hour and 15 or even an hour and 30 minutes so I’ve got more time than I think I need the advantage to.

Doing this is that if you do finish earlier which you probably will if you’ve budgeted more time than you think you need then when you complete the task early you’ve suddenly gains the gift of time you’ve got more time than you thought you had and you can get on to the next.

Task quicker I do recommend as well avoid blocking.

Out the entire day where there’s no space between the tasks for short breaks so you know having lots of things like this back to back to back you’re never going to get a second to breathe and it can create a lot of stress you need to actually account for some transition time between tasks maybe you need 15 minutes to go to the toilet get some water maybe catch up.

With a colleague get back to your email something like that so I do recommend leaving some space between tasks even if just 30 minutes especially every few hours you know maybe you’ve got a couple of things back-to-back but then you have a little break leave some space between tasks to transition to catch up with colleagues and things and and because.

Yeah it’s very unlikely that you’ll have to that you will stick to your plan blocking everything out back to back to back is going to create create some issues for certain tasks yet you may need to shred your multiple blocks of time like I Illustrated with this blog post example that’s totally fine and final tip.

Here is to leave some space on your calendar as well so even even you might have some space between tasks try to leave some free time I think in the afternoons as well so that you can plan for urgent work coming up you know maybe you get into your email in the morning and something in there is really important so you need to maybe work on that in the afternoon it’s always good to have some free space even you know like.

Said before leave some space between appointments I will try.

And leave a few hours available in the afternoons so I can work on important tasks that have come up that I didn’t anticipate as well and finally you actually see on my calendar I’m taking.

Advantage of recurring tasks quite a lot so every day I’ve got email first thing I like to clear my inbox first thing and I’ve also scheduled out time for myself to.

Go for a walk during lunch time we’ve got an hour to kind of take a break during the day so I’m actually accounting for that time for myself for taking a break because the last thing you want to do is block out all your time and then never take a break because you think you have.

To stick to this strict schedule so I’m actually blocking out the time that I need to take a break and kind of relax throughout the day so there you are that is an introduction to time blocking as I said please go ahead and read the blog post that.

Accompanies this video where I go into a bit more detail and.

I talk how I use time blocking with services like calendly which is a shelling tool as well if you have.