Quick Tip: Organize Onedrive Folders

Hi Brad Richardson here with level 4 technologies we’re gonna help improve your productivity today by showing you how to set up onedrive folders to stay organized let’s take a look with a lot of documents across different projects the onedrive can quickly get disorganized and difficult to navigate for this demonstration I’m using my colleague Heidi’s onedrive account the simplest.

Way to keep things clean and organized is to create a folder hierarchy similar to your desktop computer to create a folder click on new.

The top toolbar and click folder in the drop down menu name your folder and click.

Create you can now simply drag and drop files into your newly created folder alternately you can right-click on a file select move to and choose the folder you wish to place it in from the folder selection panel that appears on the right side another organizational feature in onedrive is the sort button in the top right this button has a drop down menu that allows you to sort your current.
Folder by name file size and date the file was modified and so on.

Directly on the right of the sort button you can.

Toggle between viewing your files as tiles or as a list you.

Can also use your left sidebar to navigate first we have the files section that shows the list.

Of all our uploaded and created files recent shows all of our recently created or modified files and shared with me lists of documents and folders others have shared with you finally the.

Recycle bin holds all the recently deleted items from your onedrive to move a file here you can simply right-click on the file hit delete and then hit delete again thanks for watching and have a great week.