How You Spend Your Spare Time Can Change Your Life | How To Utilize Your Free Time

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m gonna be telling you how to use your spare time wisely but I do this video as I believe that your spare time is where dreams are made which sounds really cheesy but if you look at any successful person initially they started out working on their dreams in their.

Spare time because most of us are in education or we have jobs so the only time you have to work on your dreams is in your spare.

Time so in this video I’m going to telling you how to be happier and how to achieve your dreams by doing these things in your spare time so I really hope this video helps and if it does as always please give it a thumbs up and subscribe so the first thing I’d say is exercise exercise it’s so good for your physical and mental health it gets your blood pumping and your endorphins flowing and you can burn calories build.

Muscle and oxygenate your brain to relieve stress you would look better and feel better giving you confidence so personally for me I exercise at least three times a week and I go to the gym and it really does make a difference to the way I feel about myself so I really recommend that the next thing is spending time with your friends and family your career is not everything you have.

To make time and prioritize seeing your friends and.

Family as I say life isn’t just about.

Working if you’re ridiculously rich anywhere lonely who wants that so you need to have friends and family just for your own well-being isolating yourself may seem like a good idea when you’re trying to achieve your dreams I may.
Not want any distractions initially it might be okay but.

As human beings we need connections with people we need to feel happy and elated and I always believe if you feel happier you will attract more goodness into your life if you don’t feel that happy or that great about yourself and that’s often from having support from friends and family and if you don’t have that network then you can.

And it can prevent you or stagger your success in life the next thing something I should do more of is reading they say that most successful people in the world read.

A lot of books they introduce you to new characters new environments new cultures new philosophies it also helped build your vocabulary so then it proves your communication skills which we need for everything we do in life in order to succeed.
So I really think reading is.

Super important I’ve read the secret I read the.

News I read a lot of articles but I don’t really read.

Many books and it’s something I really need to make time for the next thing is recharge and the flip usual downtime to recharge you’ll be much more efficient if you’re well rested and focused it’s always good to self evaluate and look at your.

Goals so I will suggest writing a list of things that you want to achieve in your life and looking at them regularly and also it doesn’t have to just be.

About your career it can be doing your housework it can be visiting a friend it can be doing anything but if you write things down you’re more organized and you.

Can reflect on the month before and think oh did I do that because believe me mum’s flyby and then you’re like what am I done.