How You Spend Your Spare Time Can Change Your Life | How To Utilize Your Free Time

This month what did i do last month what don’t I do the month before and before you know it years done it you haven’t achieved anything in your life.

It’s always good to recharge yourself reflect and.

This is usually by being by yourself and when you’re by yourself you have more time and more space to think about what you are doing manage your money while you’re young in order to be successful it’s so important to manage your money and save what you should do is look at your finances and.

See what you can cut back on and have.

A look if you’ve over spent the last month that way this month you can be more conscious of what you’re buying and think I spent last month I really need to not buy too much chocolate or it’s always good to look back at your bank statements and think what am i spending my money on and then cut back on that and you’ll see a big difference in the.

Amount of money you’ll save it’s always good.

As well to have a name whether it’s a buy a house buy a car and that way you can work toward something because I think if you don’t have anything in mind and you’re saving for the sake of it it’s not as motivational as it would be if you thought right I.

Want to buy a home in five years time or I want to buy a Range Rover in a few years time whatever it is as long as you’ve got some sort of aim it will encourage you to save your money and not buy silly little things the next thing is work on your goals achieving your dreams takes time and you’ve got to make time.

In order to achieve it so if you have a book for instance a full-time job maybe wake up slightly earlier do a bit of variety or after work if you find yourself watching a television for a few hours instead of that use.

Time to work on your blog or whatever it is whatever projects you want to do use the time that is wasted I believe all your spare time is literally what makes or breaks your dreams and I’m going to tell you a few fundamental things that people have out dreams and they’re not just about work so the typical life dreams is having shelter finding.

Love helping others and achieving your dreams they are the four fundamental things that you really need in life the hours you need to be successful are there like if you add it all up all the time you spent doing nonsense spending time.

On social media Facebook Instagram looking at other people’s lives if you stop doing that you’ll have far more time working on your dreams all your productivity will eventually add up you have so much more spare time.

Than you think but you know on Sunday or Saturday morning.

Laying in bed watching telly and obviously.

You’ve got to live your life and have fun but all that time if you add that up every week or.

Twice a week or three times a week however many times you do that that is hours you can be.

Putting into achieving what you want to do in life one of the funny thing is that people always tell me that.

You’re so motivated I’m just as motivated.

As you but I have this theory now that it’s not about motivation it’s about discipline you need to discipline yourself because motivation comes and goes believe me.

I’m not always motivated I can tell you that now I go through spurts a bit it’s.

Almost like you get inspired by something that you might watch this video you get inspired.

By it and then you’ll do it for a few weeks for a few days then the adrenaline rush leaves you and.

Then you’re back to where he was discipline is the thing that keeps you going disappears the thing that makes you achieve your dreams and it’s you’re good at motivating yourself or every single day and giving yourself that adrenaline rush every day and you know exactly what motivates you how to do that the main thing is training yourself to be disciplined and have a regime of what you’re going to do to achieve your goals and if you do that you will be.

Halfway there let’s show you a few other things you can do a round of spare time to help you achieve your goals so one thing is ghostbed earlier.

So if you think I can’t wake up early to do this all that.

What goes bit earlier and then you’ve got a fresh head.

And you’re working on your goals and you’re using good energy some people work better at nighttime as well but ideally you start the.

Day positive and you’re working on what you want rather than thinking I’ve got a.

Ahead go do this and then I’ve got to do all my work rather then they’ve got you out of the way done it in the morning it also.

Makes you have a better day because it makes you feel good when you work on things that you love doing the next thing is don’t reply constantly to social media messages so I always wait hours even sometimes.

To reply to my friends I don’t ever like as soon as my friend texts me takes them back sometimes if it’s an emergency and I can tell like they.

Need me I will take them back straightaway but if it’s not an emergency I’ll take a few hours sometimes the next morning to reply to them usually on my train journey I.

Know people like everyone’s got their phone in their hand all the time so they should reply.

To you straight away you’re the sort of person that gets back from work and you’re on your phone constantly the TV’s on in.

The background and literally you make dinner you go to bed or you might watch Netflix and go to it if that’s what you’re doing with your days every single day just think how much you could possibly achieve if you just cut out the.

Social media of this or cut the Netflix or whatever is that you do have to work and you don’t have to work for hours even I could just work for an hour or half an hour.

Just a little bit of time rather than spending your whole entire time on social media and television so I feel I’m giving you a lecture but it’s like it’s funny when.

People say I can’t achieve what I want to achieve and then you look what they’re doing after work or what they’re doing in their spare time and it’s like no wonder there was a period in time where I didn’t have any time for myself whatsoever but I achieved what I.

Wanted to achieve and yeah I saw my friends and family still but I didn’t have any like time to be on social media.