How You Spend Your Spare Time Can Change Your Life | How To Utilize Your Free Time

Or watch telly or do things like that and it’s not learned of the world if you don’t watch television every single day it.

Really isn’t watch on your phone on the train or something like a lot of people do that next thing is eat energy enriching foods my diet has changed lately and I thought so much better for it I’ve lost a bit of weight I actually have like slight ABS now as.

Well educated myself a little bit on food I think what you eat and.

What you put in yourself is like so so important and if you put those with junk in your gonna feel lethargic you’re gonna feel a bit down and less motivated like if I ate pizza every day which I wish I could do to be.

Honest but if I a everyday I just feel like a slob I wouldn’t actually get anything done when it’s.

Fun let’s give up TV but I sort of briefly spoke about that already and if you give up TV you will have so much more time on your hands and personally I think giving up TB completely I have a guilty pleasure of reality TV I really do it’s quite bad and yeah and I watch it in my.

Spare time I sort of reward myself after I’ve done something I reward myself or I watch it on.

The train on the way to work I often do that more than anything another thing is time look phone.

Calls so if you’re the sort of person that will call you friends every night or your boyfriend and you’ll be.

On the phone like seven hours a night you should really give yourself up an hour or two because you’re probably going to see them anyway you catch up we see each other and all them hours you spend chatting and chatting on the phone obviously it’s good to talk on the phone just don’t let.

It run too long because I remember I used to do this with boyfriends I used to speech them all night norther not do anything I always say this is well I’ve had a boyfriend asked by my home there’s nowhere for my home.

Because they take up so much of your time but if you are in that situation you do speech your boyfriend every night on the phone till 1:00 in the morning like seriously give yourself a.

Time Lord you say that as well that is so attractive and the guys aren’t gonna want you more because you are working on yourself you’re.

Making stuff better and you’ll make noticed a pop they’re going to so don’t ever feel.

Bad for that if they’re a good friend to you they’ll understand as well so infer out this video I sort of talk about things that you told me to sacrifice and unfortunately to.

You want in life you have to sacrifice things and they should matter lucky you don’t get success from working once and then getting it overnight usually you have to work on it for a period of time.

And yes you may be working there are a lot of youtubers for instance that worked in the morning when they got back from work every single day and you’ll see how successful they are okay if I really really want to have like a hundred thousand subscribers and always quit my job and just do this only at the moment for some reason that I’m.

Not thinking of that but I would love that but if it was my aim in life and I really wanted to do that believe you me I’ve been waking up early.