How You Spend Your Spare Time Can Change Your Life | How To Utilize Your Free Time

Editing videos when I get back from work I’ll be filming videos editing every day every weekday at least believe me I’ll be doing it because if you want something in life.

You’ve got to sacrifice things that’s a sacrifice my Jim I’d have to sacrifice my time lounging.

It for half an hour or an hour sometimes I watch dinner date after work if I have to sacrifice that so I mean every other successful person if you think about it all we have is time and your time is so so precious so make sure you make the.

Your time don’t get me wrong you should have fun you should go on holiday you should enjoy yourself as well I.

Don’t exactly but you’re gonna watch.

Around the corner suit have fun live every day like it’s your last so yes you do.

Make sure it’s a good one make sure it’s productive and efficient lots of fun the older generation especially the someone at my nan she says to me she’ll tell me all her struggles in her life and you.

Know what I respect her so so so so much I appreciate her hard work and it makes her who she is and now I feel like our generation when we look at our kids it’s been like what sacrifices did you make mum.

Mum she lived the life of Riley she went out every weekend she didn’t save any money and now we’re gonna rent it for that struggling and it’s like you struggling now but you didn’t struggle before and there’s no result of your struggle if you’re gonna struggle with something you need to at least make sure it’s worth struggling for but people struggle just in general but like say.

If you struggled for a year and I use the word struggle I wouldn’t say it struggle I.

Just mean work hard for a year if you work hard for.

A year on your dream you will out stand yourself on what you can achieve believe me when I say this and that’s just one year of your.

Life you can look back I think I’ve worked every down to the Sun save this amount of money to buy my dream I worked so hard studying while I was at work to get this job whatever it is.

That you need to do to get your dreams or whatever it is that you want to achieve in your life work hard work coding uh spare time use your spare time wisely and I’m gonna leave you on that note I really hope this video helps you.

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