Online Tutorials: Life Coaching – Unit 5 – Time Management And Productivity

However and welcome back to online tutorials so today’s unit is unit five time management and productivity just a reminder we did unit 4 which was in previous video was about through theoretical principles of change and in that we went through tactics for implementing change and had to reduce resistance from a client forgotten change it’s no real life’s changed.

As well as key motivators because ultimately there are forces that of push and pull and what we want to do is push the client to actually make the change the main.

Force driving that his motivation and how to push those motivation the motivation of time his few various range of things which we discussed in unit 4 such.

As any book helpful method affirmations but today will be focused on time management and productivity.

Now time management it is key to establish any settings or goals it’s good practice to just manage your time generally but for time say for achieving goals it’s very key now being able to say no that is the key to effective time.

Management you should you have the full authority to say yes to your life size and those things that you don’t wish to do stop letting people put onto you so allowing people to take advantage and begin and begin to take ownership of your own dreams and desires don’t door number of strategies a certain resource available to manage time but strategies.
Such as say energy management.

Sleep hygiene are all linked so you can’t expect to manage your time wisely and achieve more if you speak too sore.

For example what I like to do this with time management is tics begin each week with a weekly expectations start by placing a task into voice important what’s urgent and.

Get through these tasks I’m picking of the week I’ll get the worst toss out of the way first knowing that wherever follow follows will be easier I manage born why I’d like to do is how to do list some might disagree with use but it helps me clarify what needs to get.
Done for a day and just slowly ticking them off.

In the list also scheduling time is very important making sure you have adequate time to do a task it’s no point telling yourself I.

Want to do 20 different things today really in reality only half of times d5 also now.

I want to introduce you to the principle the Pareto principle it’s usually economic zone but in this case of like ocean it’s 80% of me success will come from the 20% of what you do so two key points here when you’re when your work will define.
To achieve goals or even yourself is to make sure the client or.

Yourself drops your days to achieve your goals I mean everyone has the same amount of time 24 hours of a given day you won’t have more time.

Tomorrow or in the future so what I see is been 10 minutes at the end of each day and at the beginner no today plan now your today so remember when.

We said the key to achieving your goal is by planning first time your day will actually give you the motivation to achieve achieve daily goals so this planning will kick-start and give you a great sense of achievement.

Already by the end of the day it’s will part that motivation so we discussed time management and the Pareto principle.