Online Tutorials: Life Coaching – Unit 5 – Time Management And Productivity

To have the goal written down.

As we said in previous videos but also to keep reading that goal there’s no point.

Writing the goal down and shopping it away in the college room what you want to do write down that goal and visually see it ideally every night so that you can jump an towards that goal moving on from time management not to productivity and productivity there are a few things you do to people productive productivity means are you making time for.

Important stuff do you feel that you’re constantly running on empty turn if so your productivity may be 40 and you need to run a cheery or and you rial or refight you need to revitalize the energy.

I thought listed tips that could help both productivity I won’t listen down here but I’ll mention them slowly so maybe you.

Could take though this will probably be beneficial for you as a coach and a coach in a new in life in general no matter.

What you do one is take time out when needed rest more celebrate your successes what’s your sleep patterns drink more water avoid work distractions always take a break every 50 40 minutes to help concentration eat regularly and eat heavily actually do take your annual leave stop working overtime this one’s more for me myself work smart not hard challenge of thinking that more hours means more work take a walk at.

Lunchtime get more fresh air enjoy nature switch off from media social media turn off the news do not watch TV or check your phone two hours before bed so be some lifestyle changes based on the above the tip I just I changed like this based on the things just mentioned will help boost productivity.

Test and try some of these some may work some may not but the ones that do list them down and because when you don’t want is a lack of budget productivity the inflation is a sign that you’re not doing what you should be so listen to your levels of motivation if you become energized and passionate about one.

Goal but not another it’s time to refocus on your energy or what really matters there’s no when it comes to productivity it’s one little last thing I want to end this video on and it is eat that frog it just means do the most challenging tasks.

First but would that be at the end of the week or at the begin of the day it allows us to tackle by doing this yeah us to tackle the most boring and difficult tasks and then you won’t have to stuffing tackle anything difficult for the rest of the day you know that once.

You eat the frog so to speak you look forward to better things if you have anything to buff until later try tacking it.

First thing and so you need to look at what what are the big issues that you find us probably yeah what we tend to do is put the big factors aside but really we should be challenging head-on so at the end of this video I want once you give you some questions to flipped on one is how can connect a coach.

Helper client manage time more effectively the IEP having a coach IEP new help my booster productivity what methods can be used let’s take.

For example Jim is a 48 year old man he’s struggling with de motivation and time management instrument issues its boss I referred him to you for help increasing his productivity at work what steps will you take to help him to come more motivated so these are things I want you to think of common what methods you’ll.

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