What Salespeople Wish Their Sales Leaders Knew About Coaching May 3 2018

A fine yeah I’m doing pretty well and you go okay well let’s go through and start taking a look at things if I really took a look at you know let’s say we’ve told people to use Salesforce you know or or dynamics or whatever for decades they actually have and there’s a ton of data in those systems the key thing is I remember talking to.

When I said ask your adoption of your system and he says oh you mean the thing that has the Warren files in it he says it was a wor.

And he says yeah and I said is that a word or an acronym and he says it’s an acronym they’re not inside our company and I said what’s it stand for he says write once read never write all those records to a database we never mind them though and so just things like being able to go in and you have you know technology going and take a look and find my.

Blind spots and have my coach come to me my manager and says young you’re not closing as much as everybody else that you’ve got a high no decision rate why do you think that is I don’t know man I’m covering all the bases I’m saying the same.

Thing so they are see what are you talking about during all the bases I noticed that if I take a look at Salesforce I take a look at your famous most of your appointments are with the technology evaluator you’re not going over here with the business evaluator you know well I don’t feel.

Like necessarily comfortable talking it why because they ask me questions about our and total cost of ownership and yeah how’s that what the impact is going to be on earnings.

Per share and I don’t really have skill well let’s work on skills on that so I think I’m doing fine if I go in and start taking like a day – there may be industries that I void there may.

Be products that I avoid and maybe stakeholders that are for you may be competitors that I avoid and so let’s go find us getting back to that thing you know individualized touch it the date is there to give you insights into those things the key is in my mining that date on a consistent.

Basis that’s really insightful because I think one of the things that I found Jim now make sure your take on this a lot of people use the only day-to-day if they look at for coaching is that stack rank that data yeah right I’ll look at the volume metrics are you making as many calls have you had as.

Many closings have you had as many appointments whatever you’re.

Talking about looking past just the business intelligence stack ranking am i hearing you’re.

Right yeah so any best practices on how to get.

There I think it’s getting down it’s starting to look at data most said when we are making decisions about coaching we do it on hunches versus metrics hmm and so I said I think that you know Sally’s having from here I remember when I was running sales I had two sales reps you know totally different things but I treated them differently you know one of my sales reps was really great.

At juggling lots of balls in the air so if he had 20 balls in the air out of those 20 balls he could close three or four deals and that was fine that’s what he needed to do the end his quarterly number I had another rep that you know if he was.