What Salespeople Wish Their Sales Leaders Knew About Coaching May 3 2018

Managing more than five deals he just was ineffective but if he was managing just five he could still close three or four of those got it and so it’s a different type of coaching is telling Jim I only want you focused on five deals you know bill I want you focused on twenty man that’s just the way you work and so I’ve got to be able to know the.

Differences between those and again you know get the Analects and that’s one of the things that’s been disturbing me when we asked is part of our recent sales operations optimization study you know what are you doing in terms of utilizing technologies we enlisted a whole bunch of different.

Things what things was an analytics platform and only 38 or 35.

They were utilizing analytics 16.6 their percent said they have been playing for the rest of the year but the rest of the folks almost almost have.

Said we got no plans how do you run a sales order if you were the VP of Quality Assurance in a manufacturing line do you think you might have.

Analytics absolutely and would it be down at the Six Sigma level a point oooo 1% yeah you know Bravo error rates type of stuff yet when we go to sales we don’t debug the process we like manufacture debug the product well I think.

Management’s got the expect right to come to us and say debug the process and by the way keep debugging it because you live in a frail ecosystem and it changes all the time so I want you to be proactive about making changes to the process not.

Reactive it’s not hey next January when we get everybody together for the sales meeting let’s deal with this no let’s deal with it now so I want to shift gears now.

This is a great start I want to see if you see this a lot of organizations that I work with we started with you roll on it use of time on it as you as you know and we see a lot of reps say our coaching here sucks but in the same org will have leaders that say we’re.

Awesome at it okay do you see that that.

Conundrum I think we we do and we see these things where we don’t know what we don’t know.

So am i doing coaching yeah I talk to everyone in my reps every week okay well let’s take a look can we can we actually take a look at what the coaching sessions look like MMA said Desmond so Jim how’s.

The deal going I’ll do it the rough Bob Allison deal gone with GE you go it’s going great Jim I got nothing yes topic I got nothing but yourself reported behavior and when we talk to people about what they’re what are the barriers to.

Effective coaching reps being too optimistic about what’s going on was the number one problem that they report it hmm so it’s coming back on that thing and.

Also number two on the list was managers don’t investigate.

Deep enough to really verify what’s going on number three was there’s too much backward looking day and the number four was the data we have is inaccurate or incomplete.

So I think when you talk about that when we talk about you know.

Can let’s take a look at your country and let’s go through and take a look at a.

Real coaching session and you know if you.