What Salespeople Wish Their Sales Leaders Knew About Coaching May 3 2018

Challenge or is there any one of those that fuels the command it’s this blending of the three together you know garish wanders very good friend of mine he’s the publisher of spell entire magazine there are publishes all the time on his personal Facebook here’s how I did against the Fitbit challenge within.

Won because I had the most steps you know so it’s that type of thing is we utilize things like Fitbit all the time for our personal health.

Why because we need to be held accountable I’m going to do 10,000 steps okay it’s it’s 7 o’clock at night I’m at 9500 okay get up and walk around then do something so it’s that constant measuring it’s that constant feedback is that in the case of Gerhart posting it out to friends hey I accomplished my goal you know 70 thousand steps for the week you know so it’s those types of things where the technology makes it easier to measure that I’m doing the things how many of us need to make new.

Year’s resolutions January 1st I’m only as 15 pounds then all of a sudden it’s June and we’re still the same way yes we know we didn’t put together an action plan well I’m gonna cut out breath or you know I’m gonna exercise more or I mean you know I’m gonna quit drinking but whatever it is you know we we’ve got actually identified those things put plans in place to.

Do those and then be held accountable so that’s an awesome one I love that you brought that up as sales leaders we’ve got to.

Have a way of making keeping and tracking commitments absolutely annex buoyant that’s a core part of how we measure coachability are there other things that you say go into measuring coachability I think it’s you know how you approach coaching you know Jake van debris was sales exact from LG Electronics who one of our sales Eagle summits.

And he asked the question into the rest of group you know.

What’s the role of sales management at all levels.

What’s the role that’s how we run around the room and I remember you know people talking.

About here’s what I think it here’s what I think we got that round ago image if you didn’t answer the question what do you think do you that says I think the sales management’s goal is create more leaders not followers hmm and he says the other thing you got to take a look at is what is coaching look like and if coaching is okay how’s the deal going with GE and I’m having a few issues there Rob okay well what are those things.

Well you know I’m having an issue going in and really differentiating between competitor acts and also they want to know total cost of ownership and I’m struggling with that.

Okay coaching is Jim okay let’s talk about how you’re going to do that being the super salesperson is great Jim now they understand us they set up a call and I’ll go do that for you as soon as the manager says that what is he doing he’s creating more followers because I now know all I need to.

Do is just get the deal to here and then my manager is super sales person will take it over the finish line look right but I’m not a leader anymore I’m a follower and I think that’s a really a failure on the part of management is to realize my goal is to really help these people do the job not do it for it even though I may be able to do it for and faster right now cuz I got the skills I need to develop the skills.

For them do it on their own that’s fantastic okay we’re getting towards the end and I have a couple questions that I’d like to come they’re coming in I’d like to share with you yeah one of the first ones that came in these are comments that you made I’m gonna read this first one here to you.

You made a comment about though.

I think was the third or fourth it says looking backwards was one of the challenges.

Yes how does the leader not spend coaching time looking backwards and instead flip it so it should be a forward-looking conversation and how important is that I think it’s really important mainly because again you know there’s so much change that’s going on in the marketplace so you know backward data is interesting you know.

It’s useful but it’s it’s what’s the world I’m living in today so let’s think let’s take an extreme example your Barclays Bank and the UK you know you’ve told everybody in the European community you.

Should be doing business with us because you know we speak English we’re well established you know part of the banking community.

We’re a powerful thing and all of a sudden brie is explodes and Europe aside we’re not part of the universe your European community anymore everything changes all that backward-looking data on how we.

Went into companies and said let’s set up lines of credit let’s set up you know lines of commercial ownerships like all those things are now worthless because I’m in a different world right now and all the people say I’ve got to move my banking relationship out of the UK back.

To the continent because you know Britain is not gonna be part of you EU anymore so it’s constantly taking a look at what’s changing in customer expectations what’s changing the customers marked the place what’s changing in a competitive landscape and so I think we’ve got to update on what’s happening now because what happened.

If I started taking a look at now I’ll start to see opportunities hey we’re doing a better job over in Europe unsettling this new product than we heard our here in the States let’s go find out why and also I will proactively say hey we’re getting less margins in the Far East than we are in Latin America you know we got to go find out what’s going on here you know so.

I can be proactive on solving problems and I can and I can double down on things where we’re doing really well and.

That’s where we gotta have a snapshot on what’s happening today because today is a much better predictor of the.

Future than yesterday okay that’s a great answer.

I want to chime in on that one as well so those are going one of the things I’ve learned and I’ll make sure your take on it Jim and this one comes from my work with the waste management corporation about 3000 reps as.

You know that we’re working with we found that in the theme of what a rep wish as a leader knew was they don’t want to feel like they’re coming to a coaching session and for the next 30 minutes we’re gonna talk about either what I did wrong or just stuff I already know you know for the last three weeks or whatever two weeks one week that’s already happened when they.

Shifted and there was a rule but they put in place 90 percent on the future only ten percent on the past yeah that was a flip for.

A passive been 90 percent of the past temperature on the future I mean do you see anything like that in your work as well yeah tell us story since it’s been so long since I worked for IBM and on my fellows but when I first started out but IPM.

They did these things called cell cycle reviews so if you ever lost a deal they would sit down with you and go okay why did you lose a deal you know because the product was deficient okay well did you tell your manager yeah I told my manager well did your manager did you tell your managers manager yeah I told my managers manager.

Did you tell the regional manager yeah I told the regional manager did you tell the vice president of the US no.

I didn’t you messed out so I mean these these produce these last week is were kind of like what Jun.

So you know the end result was going to be the reason you lost was.

You messed up and it’s like well why bother let’s just go in and plant your own mice on the mercy of the court and say okay I messed up can we talk about how nice but not happen again and so I think you’re exactly right you know if people view this as coaching is here to make me better it’s to make me a.

Better professional is to make me better prepared and by the way coaching is for every rep I hate it when I hear pathetic well coaching is really for your beep beep players to help them.

Get better in your CD player so you make sure they stay around it’s for the a players because you’re a player if you really look at what they’re doing.

And they’re named player selling this much.

Of your product they get really really good you know I remember going into Cardinal L talking to one of their best reps to hundred percent every year after year after year well Cardinal health represents 300 achill manufacturers that can sell 30,000 SKUs and this guy sells well Wow though he’s got this little step where I’m really good at this and his managers coming to me what about.

This thing over here not that’s not one of these twelve and if I could this this guy to sell thirteen.

Be a player could be in a flash players need coaching every those the next question the marital just week questions that came through does this question was it’s right here.

That’s making you laugh that you hit it you’d mentioned before that max that one of the strategies might be joy having on people that need to help yeah.

What’s the approach for the stars so maybe that you can reword this how do you find ways to be relevant regardless of where they fall on the spectrum I.

Think it’s this thing of going.

Back and taking a look and saying you know what what’s what’s what are we trying to.

Do to maximize not only your success but the success of that territory.

So if they go through and I start realizing you’re closing deals but they’re their deals that are lower margins than everybody else well that’s that’s not maximizing the territory or you’re closing deals but you’re closing a deal with an account then you’re moving on to the next account we’re not mine we’ve got a goldmine you found a vein you mind that because the gold nuggets were sitting right at.

The entrance to the mine well there’s other gold in that mine so look why don’t go back into your well yeah doesn’t it make sense that.

Look and explore this a little bit deeper before we go to the next goldmine so I think it’s just really sitting down with each individual person and saying you know with us what’s best for you what’s best for me is their manager what’s best for the company and make balanced decisions I’m coaching I was so glad to hear you you got a passionate gym and I love that side of you it’s not just for the beers or the Seas it’s for the A’s.

And I think that’s one of the biggest coaching mistakes as well just leave them alone yeah and I also think that’s why coaching drives retention is because you’re now being relevant and giving them feeling of they’re helping the improve well one of the things I remember a bear trailer talking about this for years is that you know when they’ve done you know historically when they’re done eggs abusive salespeople where.

They’re leaving volunteer early so you didn’t shoot him yep they were performing but they left voluntarily one of the reasons that they bring up is you know wonder reason number one number two is yeah I didn’t get enough.

Support from my manager and I think that’s it because you take a look at the real cost of a.

Productive performer leaving it’s huge I remember Sybase when Michael undoubted Jr was there they did analysis and they took a look this was years ago but it was you know what’s the what’s the.

Lost revenue having the territory open for two or three months well I hire somebody what is the lost revenue because.

Of the ramp up time of getting a new person to productive which by the way is gonna take 12 months what’s a little less revenue because my managers got to spend more time with that newbie and doesn’t have time as much time to spend with the rest of folks what’s the recruiting cost what’s the training cost and it.

Was like you know high six figures as soon as somebody leaves that’s a huge number for for you by the way if you bring somebody on they’re there and they’re not.

Successful that’s a cost to so I think when we talk about what’s.

The cost of coaching let’s talk about the coasts cost of doing nothing you know if we don’t do a great job of coaching and we have productive people leave that cost is orders of magnitude more then investing three four or five thousand bucks a year in successfully coaching each one of my people Jim we got tons of.

Questions and I’m getting to the end of time I know that we’ve been on the hole for a while I’m gonna pick one last question that I see here I think it’s a perfect way to finish okay they’re asking you Jim if there was a place to start because this person I’m clearly in there random area and I don’t want to get on that journey to dynamic yeah what are the non-negotiables is there two nor three things that you got to do if you want to.