What Salespeople Wish Their Sales Leaders Knew About Coaching May 3 2018

Get great at coaching I think the first one is is to really sit down and we’ve talked about this is let’s go map the sales process and let’s go back to buying process and down at the specific.

So okay why do needs analysis I do education I do demonstration what do you do I will I give this presentation okay well who should be in.

The room well these four people okay well great what tools do you use well I use these tools print so it’s getting down to what are the specific issue I said why are you doing that presentation well because I need to get the people to understand that here’s what we do and how we differentiate so the customers then got to acknowledge that they understand that right so how are you going to measure that so I think.

If we measured if we got down to by cycle and cell cycle we then put that into you know CRM you know Salesforce dynamics or whatever then we sit there and say let’s go track it is it.

We may think they hear all the steps in the cell cycle we behind us and go back and do I’ve seen this happen repeatedly when you go back and take a look at wins all those boxes get tipped when you.

Take a look at losses certain boxes get skipped same thing with no decisions and so I think it’s really going back and doing that level of analysis isn’t them one.

Thing up let’s go get some things on what we want to do our best guess let’s go put them in the system let’s measure them up and then let’s adapt you know maybe that when we’re introducing your product we say you’ve got to do you’ve.

Got to ship out samples you know because people need to see this thing and hold it in their hands well that’s because it’s new you’re later that may be lengthening the cell cycle I already know what this thing is so why am I waiting for samples to be shipped out when I can move on so we’ve got to be constantly adapting.

The process so I think it’s it’s again getting back to.

This thing of debugging I think I love it EEO is having a right to come to the VP of Sales and say debug the process and I think we’ve got.

To have the process the data and the analytics in place in order to do that that’s a great summary Jim so I think that people have gotten some great nuggets I’ve written down tons of notes I want to thank you the things that jump at me that you said you.

Know you started with make sure you’re allocating time because you have the right culture and as a result you’ll need the.

Right tools if you’re gonna build a dynamic coaching make sure people have that role make sure that you have.

A culture where getting coaching isn’t like get sent to.

The principal’s office okay something we do for everyone but empower them with tools that give that data yeah wrap one thing – just like brandy you brought up in the very beginning we’re doing our 25th annual sales effectiveness study if you want to see how you compare against your peer group now I would just encourage people to take part in.

Where it will give you their copy of the results when.