What Salespeople Wish Their Sales Leaders Knew About Coaching May 3 2018

They’re published but it’ll give you a way of saying here’s how I stack it up against other companies you know participate in that if they mail me at Jim Dickey D i ck IE at CSO insights comm I can send them a link they take the study they’ll be able to download the world-class best practices report immediately and then in a couple months when we’re done with these studying we’ll.

Send them the sales effectiveness optimization to study for 2018 as well and we’ll be sure to put that in the email that we send everybody that was on the webinar so they can have that great appreciate um I guess that’s spinning that’s that’s the nuts and bolts of what we wanted to talk about I want to thank you Jim and if there was any final thoughts.

Anything that you would leave the group with on what do your reps wish you knew about coaching any final things you’d summer it up with I think the one thing is that you know we’re telling when you talk about what does the salesperson want to have when they sit down I think they want two things the.

First is they want the manager to job done some homework so you know we’re finding out real quickly right now it is it is the wrong thing to do walk into a company um prepare and say hey tell me about your company music well no why don’t you tell me about my company know what research have you.

Done I think reps have a right to sit there and say what do you know you know as.

Opposed to tell me about what’s going on your territory I think banner droid let me tell you what’s going on your territory here’s what I’m seeing I’m saying that you know your.

No decision rates are creeping up I see that your margins of.

Cone a little bit we ought to work on these these are what do you can.

See you I’ve done my homework ahead of time yeah and I think that’s a really important thing is that we we turn this in and as you said let’s turn this into a positive we’re here to did not if we’re here to.

Identify problems it’s only because we’re then going to focus immediately on how do we solve those things how do we deal with those issues how do we make you better so I’m not going to belittle you I’m not going to berate you you know I mean I’m here coaching is here to do one thing make you better and if you’re better then the.

Company’s going to be better and that’s the ultimate goal that’s greatly finish the size of the prize is how we started yeah that’s also how we finished hey I want to thank you Jim we have a world-class expert here today Jim how do people follow you how do people find you how do they get more of what you’re laying down yeah.

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