For The Wonderful Company, Emerging Tech Is A Key Benefit Of Cloud

New advancements being made in artificial intelligence blockchain and Internet of Things all pose really great opportunities for us going forward as those technologies evolved and now that we’re evolving into a cloud-based infrastructure as those technologies become more and more readily available in different parts of our business we should be able to take advantage of them more quickly going.

Forward we participated in the mandel research because we think it’s important that all.
To this emerging technology we wanted to be a part of understanding the.

Benefit of emerging technology for all industries and how that helps each company stay relevant within their own industry there definitely is a productivity gap and we are addressing this by our implementation of Oracle cloud by having the technology it’s eliminated a lot of manual process it’s allowed us to standardize process and automate from the front office to transportation and logistics all the way through the back office functions to make us.

More efficient and allow us to continue to be leaders in our industries with the cloud model we’re getting updates and functionality every quarter that can ultimately be delivering value to the business that much faster.