Working With Evernote | Ep 91 | A Fantastic Ifttt Journaling Recipe.

In this week’s episode of working with Evernote I’m going to show you a really great journaling if this then that recipe hello and welcome to this week’s episode of working with Evernote this is episode 91 my name is Kyle Pauline and in this week’s episode I want to show you a recipe I discovered this week for Evernote and.
Journaling now this is based on Michael Hyatts journaling template if.

You like and some very very kind person has put together an editable journaling template which means that every.

Day at a specific time a time that you set the journal will appear so that you can use it from your.

Mobile device your iPad your tablet your computer at work your computer at home wherever you are it’s automatically reset rescheduling every.

Single day now the beauty of doing it this way is it’s all automated now the problem I’m having with Evernote and journaling and I love my Evernote journal I mean I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me here but the difficulty that I actually have is that every single day I have to reset the template so I have.

The next day in my journaling template now this recipe does away with all that because it automatically does it for you and because the template is editable you can actually have it set up exactly how you want it to be set up which is to me fantastic I don’t have to remember now to reset my journaling date the next day and it will automatically put it into a notebook that you decide and tag it exactly how you want to decide to do so I think this is a really cool thing and I.
To share it with you so that’s why I’m doing.

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Don’t really like doing that in my youtube videos but let’s get into Evernote now and I’ll show you this fantastic template okay so basically what we have here is the actual.
Note that comes in from if this then.

That every day it comes in with Saturday February the 24th 2018 at 12:15 a.

now actually I don’t want the time and I can turn that off when we go into the actual if this than that recipe but what it does is this is based on.