Data Science Initiative Introduction To R Bootcamp (part 2)

Is what you should be doing when you actually have.

Too many points to close if they just.

And they all end up on top of each other this is not good or alternatively when you end up with too many plot when you end up with too many points we should do something like the following which going back to our okay this is the thing we could also break it up by by another variable and.

But then actually see them see the relationships based on this other variable so.

This is this is this faceting I was talking about and so we couldn’t see it when I actually plotted because the.

Interaction with the overhead projector changed my resolution but this is the idea of what we’re saying you know what I want to actually I’m gonna draw four dimensional.

Plots but I’m gonna have a fifth dimension which is panels for each for each type of apartment or rental rental unit.

Should I say so here all the apartments and what we’ve actually this is a three dimensional plus square footage price we color code the bedrooms and then we could easily put in a shape to actually do whatever it is the baths and then what we actually do is we just break up the types this way and then this thins it out a good bit.

Of course each of these is much smaller than the open than a single plus so we’re giving up what we have and you can change the order in in how we how we do this so this is ggplot okay there’s a lot of there’s.

A lot to learn about ggplot but that the point is one of the things we were talking about here.

Is you make a class you call GG.

Plus you give it the data you maybe map the aesthetics if these apply to every layer or most layers put them in here to.

Avoid repeating yourself any layer that you construct will inherit those aesthetics the mappings of the variable to the different characteristics.

On the floor you can override them though if you want inside in any job in any job there’s also ways to I.

Can’t remember did I actually have it here I think I do there’s also let me just I could have sworn I put it in there this morning created.

The coke okay we’ll talk about it we’ll talk about in a moment the well actually and so you you can you can do.

The math you can map aesthetics in any of these elements but you don’t have to because they have they in Harris and then you can customize all of the.

Different pieces with other layers and you are just building up layers and then you get reusable objects as you go along okay so you can you can essentially replay these this code because you’ve got an object that describes the entire class and then use it in in different ways okay.

And that is that I’m just trying to figure out whether I’m bother talking about anything else okay so any questions data analysis this is you just live off of.

Plotting your data trying to find weird stuff cleaning it up there was one question I had on this plus was because somebody asked how do we get rid of this so you tell me how you get rid of this I’ve told you that basically it’s this this is the this is the plot that constructed that okay take take your pick there’s different ways.