Data Science Initiative Introduction To R Bootcamp (part 2)

Estimates but okay so that’s the way we typically use standard deviation and standard error in my world is the standard error is of an estimator okay of which is the sample mean and then how it varies across different samples and therefore we’re.

Always talking about data driven and.

Sound samples that we’re talking about the about how that buries itself but but a yes but it could also be the SD of another different thing both within a sample but no it’s it but we have to read the documentation okay.

Copy well there’s two things that that somebody people asked me about yesterday afterwards one of them is one of them is this okay and I put that put these up on on the wall on github okay remember what we actually remember we had this code which was this we had this code to find the the rental unit that was cheapest within a certain radius from where I was and.

We said just just for the point of fun we we said here’s where we are okay just so.

We just said we because we couldn’t figure out what would good coordinates but we didn’t bother looking up we’re shields library was or we’re sent from downtown Davis was so we went through and actually did these computations and I said you know this is fine and we figured.

Out that this was the right set of computations we get it we tested it we checked it and lo and behold okay so we computed this is where we’re starting from we computed the distance to all the 175 points in the Davis in the Davis data frame okay and then we serve.

Then we said okay tell me everything that’s less.

Than point zero one of units of distance then I said which ones are these then I.

Sort of went down and I said keep okie okay I said okay let’s go grab the subset that is that satisfies this criterion okay there these are candidate things then I said go find me the smallest price in this subset and then go get me the observation corresponding to that one okay this is very useful now unfortunately we didn’t run out and rent the place so we have to do it again today and there’s a different set of.

Rental units and there’s a different center and I also have the ones for 11,000 so we may want to do this over and over and over again okay okay and I may want to do it I may want to change this 0.01 to okay fine I didn’t find anything within my within point what a 1 maybe I’ll go 0.

To want I want to take this and I want to use this code so I could one of the things I want to do it on a different data set not.

Davis but Dave Davis today ok different data set.

And we also even saw we also we also said hey you know what if we subset before if we take instead of passing in Davis if we subset it to have it at least two bedrooms then if we can actually find an extra condition actually find within this set that has at least two bedrooms now show me the now show me the smallest price for everything within point.

O1 units okay so we’re actually able to reuse this code with a different set of inputs okay a different subset of the data so I refuse to write this code again and change Davis to be Davis to or davis 3 or Davis 2 bedrooms or anything like that.