C Programming Tutorial For Beginners

Hey welcome to draft Academy my name is Mike in this course I’m gonna be teaching you guys everything you need to know to get started in the C programming language C is an awesome programming language and it’s actually one of the oldest programming languages around in fact a lot of modern programming languages are based off of C so.

It’s a really good idea if you want to get into C or even if you’re trying to get into something like.

C++ to learn the basics and in this course we’re gonna cover everything you need to know I’m gonna talk to you guys about installing a text editor and using the C compiler and we’re gonna write some basic code I’ll talk to you guys about you know what is a program and how the program’s work and how does C read the instructions that you give it and we’re gonna get into some more advanced stuff we’re.

Gonna look at things like if statements and loops we’re gonna create different variables we’re gonna talk about the different types of data that you can use and C then we’re gonna get more advanced we’re gonna talk about things like structures and the functions we’re going to talk about pointers and.

Basically I’m just gonna give you a full overview of all of the core concepts in C so by the end of this course you’ll have a really good understanding and a really good foundation which you can build on you can kind of go forward and learn some more I’m really excited to be bringing you guys this basic course on C I’m really excited if you guys to dive in and start using these tutorials so feel free to click around through all.

The videos and hopefully you’ll learn something awesome about C in this tutorial I’m gonna talk to you guys about getting everything set up to start programming in C now in order to program in C we’re actually going to need two things the first thing we’re gonna need is an environment where we can write our C programs now there’s a bunch of these different environments essentially all you need.

Is just a text editor so anything that can you know allow you to write text and then save that text in a specific file format is gonna work although when we’re working with C a lot of times it can be useful to use a special environment called an IDE an.

IDE stands for integrated development environment basically this is a special text editor which makes.

It a lot easier for us to write our C programs and so I’m gonna show you guys how to install an IDE called code blocks the second thing we need to write our C programs is going to be something called a C compiler now C is a programming language it means we can basically write.

Out you know instructions that we want to give to the computer but eventually for the computer to be able to execute those instructions they have to be compiled which basically means like translated or transformed into a language that the computer can understand so we’re gonna basically download and install a special program that will do that for us so let’s get started I am going to come over to my web browser and I’m just gonna go up to the Google search bar and I’m gonna search for.

A program called code block so just type in code.

Blocks C and this link should come up it’s code blocks org now this is an integrated development environment it’s basically a text editor that will make it really easy for us to write our C programs so I’m gonna come down here into.

Downloads and there’s a bunch of options here one says download the binary or at least download the source code we want.

To click on download the binary release this is going to be the easiest option so if you’re on Windows or Linux or Mac you can install it from this page so depending on the.

Operating system that you’re on you want to click that I’m on Windows so I’m gonna come down here to the windows option you’ll see there’s little options for us to download this stuff so there’s a bunch of.

Options here what we wanted download is going to be this one right here it says code blocks and then the version number and then it says.

What this is is it’s gonna allow us to install code blocks so we’re gonna be able to install that IDE program and we’re also going to.
Be able to install AC compiler so remember I said we.

Needed those two programs we needed those two things and this is actually going to give us both of them on Windows so I’m gonna come over here and.
Click on the link to download this from sourceforge.
net and you can see it’s gone ahead and downloaded that so now let’s head over to our downloads folder and I’m just gonna double click on this setup program so this should open up a window where we can set up the program and let’s just click.

Through this so I’m just gonna click Next I’m gonna agree the license and basically just leave all the options as default and you should be good to go alright when that’s done installing it’s gonna.

Ask us to run code blocks so we can just go ahead and do that and it’s giving me this little window here it says compilers auto detection so you can just click on the one up here that’s highlighted it says GNU GCC compiler.

And I’m just gonna click set as default and click OK and there you go we now have code blocks installed so in the next few tutorials we’re gonna be learning about setting up code blocks writing our first.

C programs and really just getting started with C but for now you have everything you need to get started in this tutorial I’m gonna talk to you guys about getting everything set up to start programming in C on OS X so if you’re using a Mac.

Then this video will basically show you how to get everything set up in order to start working with C we’re actually going to need two things the first thing we’re gonna need is a text editor basically we’re going to use the text editor to write our C programs in and you can use any text editor that you.

Want to write C programs but there’s actually a special type of text editor which is called an IDE and it stands for integrated development environment and it’s basically a special environment where we can go.

To write and run and manage our C programs so that’s the first thing the second thing we’re gonna need is what’s called a C compiler now C is a programming language so essentially what we’re doing when we’re using it is we’re writing instructions for the computer but in C we’re writing instructions that.