C Programming Tutorial For Beginners

Us humans can understand and work with but in order for the computer to be able to carry them out they have to be compiled or translated or transformed into a language that the computer can understand and.

That’s what the C compiler is gonna do it’s gonna take our C programs and essentially just translate them to a language that the computer can understand so the first thing I’m gonna do is show you guys how to install that compiler and then we’ll get a text editor so what you want to do on.

Your Mac is go over to the search bar and you’re just gonna type in terminal and click enter and a window that looks like this should pop up now the.
Terminal is basically a program that allows.

Us to interact with the computer using text commands so we’re actually gonna need to use the terminal in order to do what we.

Want to do so the first thing we want to do is check.

To see if you might already have AC compiler installed so in certain circumstances you might already have one so you just want to type in C C – V and click enter and you’ll see over here I have AC compiler installed so I’m getting all of this information you can see over here it says like si Lang and it’s giving me you know a bunch of information if you have that then you have your C.

Compiler installed and you’re ready to go but if you don’t have that I’m.

Going to show you guys how to get it so all you want to do is just type in Xcode select and then the space – – install and click enter and you’ll see I’m getting an error here because I already have these command line tools installed but if you don’t already have them installed and obviously then you wouldn’t have that.

C compiler then this is gonna go off and install everything you need to get that C compiler working so once you run that Xcode select command just type in CC – V again and you should be getting this version number.

Alright so now that we have our C compiler installed what we want to do is download an IDE so we want to download a.

Special text editor that we can use to write our C programs in so I’m gonna go over here to.

My web browser and I’m up here at a website called code blocks.

Dot org and this is an IDE called code blocks it’s one of the most popular free IDE s for programming and C so we’re just gonna come down here to this downloads link and there should be a few options here download the binary released download the source code we’re gonna click download the binary release and you’ll see down here we have a bunch of options for.

Windows linux and mac click the mac option and if we come down here you’ll see that here is what we need to install code blocks on the Mac so if you go over to the right side here there’s a link to SourceForge where we can download it so I just clicked that link and it should start downloading automatically when that finishes downloading let’s head over to.

Our downloads folder and you’ll see here we have.

Our zip file so I’m just gonna double click on this and they should give us code blocks now all you want to do is just drag and drop code blocks into your Applications folder and you’re ready to go so you have code blocks.