How To Learn Basic Codings Of C Programming,.

So now we have taken the input and now we will calculate.

Our some trust some goes to a plus B and next is sub a minus B you don’t forget to use the semicolon now the multiplication a cross B.

Now the who send a divide B and to take to find the remainder you need to use this percentage sign which means modulo division and this is and one thing you have to remember is how you have declared the variables it should be same while using C programming is a key sensitive language so if you have declared them in small you have to use in small if in capital you have to use those in capital so don’t forget this so after this let’s display.

These outputs from a goes to press and D remember the syntax sub traction equals two percent D and mu venality multiplication is equals two percent D and percent because two percent D and remainder easy.

Cuz 12% they know commander is not person the remainder is percent F and question is as a percent have y % app because the consent and remainder we have declared our floating values so this reviews your % f & % f so after that at first how these sequins are maintained here you have to.

Give the values in the same order as they are described here so at first we want to.

Addition of a plus B is stored to arrival su and so just right here su any small comma and the subtraction of a and B it is towards the driver SUV just write as you’ll be here and multiplication.

Of NV d store to wherever a molarity just write a morality here and the quotient of NB is stored to q OT strike.

Qo t here and the remainder of a and B is stowed to REM destroy I am here so that’s it and let’s finish our coding gets yes get yet its use is it will halt.
Doubt to the skin at least for some time unless any key is pressed so.

That’s in false way we have already closed the program so that’s it let’s save it save it as demo dot that is an oxy + C language C Dorsey CV so let’s execute the program compile it and no errors no earnings so we can run it so.

What is happening is at first we displayed one information message has enter any values to a and B the same thing is displayed here entered any values to a and B let’s enter then and – I have given 10 – a – to B so let’s enter it so thus omits 10 plus 2 12 the subtract is 10 – 2 8 the multiplication is 10.

Into 2 20 the coolant is when 10 is divided by 2 the quotient is 5 and when 10 is divided by 2 remainder comes 0 so that’s how the Corinne walks and that’s how this printf and scanf works so if you are not convinced yet let’s see another example so I will be erasing these two here so let’s do I will be doing one simple program to convert the entered temperature in degree Celsius to the Fahrenheit so let’s begin I.

Will be declaring C for Celsius and F for Fahrenheit and I declared them as floating value because temperature can be indefinite as well including the edges right so I declare like this let’s display one informating masses enter the temperature in Celsius end the line.
With the semicolon and let’s take the input.