Html Tutorial For Beginners – Video Element

What is going on guys and welcome to HTML tutorial in brackets in this video we’re gonna add a video element or a web page and in order to do do that we I actually went already online and got a sample video sample mp4 and you can do the same I’m not going to show you how to do that.

Because we already have covered the images and everything else so you should be very comfortable by doing that and you just need to go and type their sample video mp4 and you’ll find many.

Places where you can just get samples and in order to create a video element we would have to create tags and the tags obviously would say video and over here again we’re gonna start doing adding the attribute so again the first attribute the one that we already know really well would be the source so where we’re getting that a video and as you can see that.

By default that comes really big you can see that I download it but it comes really big so let’s say that we have a couple of more attributes that we could.

Use and the first attribute I would use is actually width and I would set it I don’t know to like 200 pixels.

So you can see that it’s much more small and I can obviously add the height the same way how we did it and but I’m not gonna do that this time so over here I would go and I would write another so another attribute that we already know and that would.

Be controls so let’s go over here and.

Now we we have our controls and of course we have the same two attributes which one would be loop which would mean to that video keep on playing and.

We could also add right away autoplay right so but just refresh and you can see that video starts playing and it’s gonna be pretty short so you right away see that it’s looping also so you can.

See that actually adding a video is very simple the same as audio it’s very straightforward and as long as you have the video actually that you want to add.

To the webpage you should have no problems doing this is gonna be it for this video guys thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you next Oh.