Easy Programming Lanaguages For Beginners

Hello friends I am Lakshman you are watching learn programming by like I saw a YouTube channel I hope you are enjoying my videos so please subscribe to our YouTube channel for latest technology videos in this video you will know the best 5 programming language to learn for business programming is one of the best career choices in today’s world.

Or shifting online it also pays you well it is also a very challenging job the most common cousin by most of the bigness is that which is the best programming language they.

Should start with it can be quite confusing for a business because there are many different programming languages available it can be very difficult to choose the right programming language to start with or select one.

That would shoot you however choosing programming as a career or as a hobby raises many cousins in the ångstroms mind and through this video we will try.

To help beginners select the languages which could be convened for them so in the next slide you can see the best to 5 programming language for beginners the first one is Python no it is Python is regarded as one of the best programming language for business and is recommended by many it.

Is a free and open source language that is known for its dynamic flexible object-oriented procedural and functional.

Programming style so Python is the most common intellectual programming language in most of the American and European schools the next programming language is Ruby Ruby is simple and readable just like Python it is a very good language to start with especially for people who don’t have.

Any kind of programming experience Ruby is a object-oriented scripting language that is mostly used in the development of websites and mobile applications it is the language that powers the framework Ruby on Rails which is behind websites such as Twitter and github.

It is commonly used for back in development and popular sites such as a Bloomberg slide sphere a know etc the third programming language is Java Java is the general programming language it is also one of the most popular languages in the world it.

Is a class-based object-oriented language and designed to be portable which means that can find it on all platforms operating.

Devices Java is mostly used to build Android applications or.

Desktop applications and video games it is also used as a server sign language for enterprise level back-end development the fourth one is C and C++ C is often used to program system software and also consider as a matter of programming language C++ is a powerful language based on C which has added object-oriented features like classes to the language along with the virtual functions and.

Templates C+ best is also a very popular programming language and is designed for programming systems of faith it is still widely used to build games desktop apps mobile apps and web apps C++ is a powerful and faster which has.

Used to build software such as Adobe Systems amazing paper chrome.

And more the last and fifth one is a javascript javascript is called the language of the web even though Java and JavaScript the sound similar they are not it is primarily a client-side scripting language that.