Polyconf 16: The Linguistic Relativity Of Programming Languages / Jenna Zeigen

Eich and Alan Worf’s Brock told me why which is tldr era functions and map types should be enough to help us create concise ways of doing this so that’s cool if the experts don’t want is temporary comprehension I trust them because they’re the experts so um guy still has another thing that I think is relevant here which is that languages that can’t easily grow will die so if we don’t let.

Programming languages evolve we’re going to lose people who have who have come to these.

Languages from quote-unquote more powerful languages and have experienced and come to think in these more powerful constructs we’re going they’re not going to want to program in your language anymore if.

We don’t allow those these things into our language so furthermore growth allows for more rapid growth and while that sounds pretty obvious if you think about it it’s true so the fact that now now that JavaScript has generators we can then create more efficient concise methods of a sink which.

Is very important to JavaScript so now we can create async await and communicating sequential processes which are important to those people who program and go and also like the core async thing in enclosure so.

So all right so we could all like leave right now and go learn closure does that does that sound good no all right.

Then come back next year and this.

Be mono come now just be a close your conference no you don’t like that alright so I have a different.

Proposal which is that y’all go out and learn new languages this is.

Is Polly conf after all y’all are here because this is a polyglot conference i’m guessing so find cool things.

In those languages that you decide to start using and bring them back and share them with your programming.

Language communities whatever they happen to be because i have tend to think that programmers are very thirsty for knowledge no matter what programming language they are using like we all want to learn new things so we.

Might not have have access or insight or we might even be a little bit too too much of a beginner to understand more complicated programming concepts yet but with help we can learn them and even if they don’t exist in the language that you’re using you know that’s why we have libraries so take that thing that you found.

That you really liked in another programming language and you know write a library for it that.

Means you’ll get to learn the innards of your of that favorite construct pretty good so this this really is important to me as a member of the JavaScript community because there’s such.

A wide array of people in there who have such a wide array of skill sets javascript is a language that people tend to use when they’re teaching beginners had a program but there’s.

Also people who have been programming for decades and they like JavaScript because it has there’s reasons to like JavaScript but even very few of those people have clout with ekman they’re not on tc39 so they have to make libraries too just like you um but what.

I’m not saying is that we should have one programming language to rule them all there’s a reason why these programming languages exist they.

Are good at certain things and they evolved to.

Be good at those things so even though I’m like yo bring back.

On all of these cool constructs from other languages keep your favorite programming language little weird all right so uh slides will be there I’ll tweet it also there’s a kind of.

Old blog post on this at that link tweet at me it’s lagging vector Thanks thank you for.

The talk I come from academia so I apologize sure um I agree with the premise about programming languages affecting the way we go about providing solutions to problems and I think to this and we have failed in academia at least in Canada where I come from in.

Our curriculum design we start teaching a language and we take you from hello world to give statement while loop for oh here’s a class language number two hello were tEEN.

Statement so by semester to most of our students decide not to come to class anymore so what we should be focusing on in my opinion would be should be the principles of a programming language not.

The same tax per se so what is different in a language what does a language contribute in terms of concept Karen principle.

So just a comment that I fully agree.

I think you made a very important premise thank you for the tongue thank you well I was just wondering what your opinion is like so programming language is they start to age and then inevitably after.

They start to wane in popularity there’s.

Always someone who says okay we need to add X so that it catches up with new.

More modern programming language do you think that should be the goal or should old languages just sort of die gracefully and stay as they are and people should move on to new ones uh so as I mentioned at the end programming languages exist for a reason if their use case has been taken over by another language.

And no one’s really using it anymore I don’t see any reason to keep them around if they don’t provide anything particularly new to the programming community so.

I wanted to take the knowledge of natural language to programming languages you said about how the programming language affects how we think and how we think fact the programming language its vice versa so like in in a natural language.

There’s equality of aesthetics and the.

Quality of other the playfulness so you just you know you use the language and you toy with the language now the programming languages are the to instruct the machines to you know to do what we want them to do so what do you think the is there are is there a value in in the syntax for syntax for its own benefit or for the construct that just look elegant but are seemingly useless possibly uh so it’s coming.

Up this for from my cognitive science background which is why I’m.

Qualified to make to give this talk I think cognitive like load is very important for programming especially when like you don’t want having to like when you’re reading someone else’s.

Code you don’t want like trying to like decipher what that means to get in the way with.