How To Decide What Programming Language To Use For Startup

What programming language what architecture do I use hey you won so Nick here from drag and few a bit of a summary we have no idea a few months ago the idea is got a load of traction the idea is to bring the likes of a Trello styled board called Kanban into Gmail to begin with and then take.

Into other browsers like Outlook and a few others we’ve.

Got to the stage that we’d have.

Qualified the idea we’re caused by the idea by putting on a few places with early access we’ve hadded 3,400 early.
Access invites that the meadmaker excite them.

Absolutely go for it now please reference back to our last videos because there’s some really good insights into why we prequalify instead of.

Going straight into building a product but we’re now at the stage we need to build a product and so many of you are gonna have questions what programming language what architecture do I use to give you some context I am.

Not technical I am commercial by nature my background is agency however I have and do operate some small SATs.

Products that work in different environments so I’ve been exposed a little bit and start to understand from a non technical perspective how and what and when to decide on certain things so we have one product which is C sharp net framework and all with Microsoft and back-end and.

Things like that we have another.

One which is Ruby on Rails and we have.

Another one which is Ruby on Rails also so when we looking to create something like drag.

Which is the concept called Kanban inside email how do we go.

About deciding what framework to use the honest answer is it doesn’t matter much that’s the simple one the more complex one is if you know your stuff and your ally to a certain programming language.

Then you may want to go down that particular route but what I would say is that certain types of products will fall into certain categories when you are looking to either in-game for the developer will do the developments yourself I’m gonna have a little show notes to the bottom of this video as well so there’s a bit more detail than referencing some great sources online but let’s talk some.

Like Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is really really fast it’s a framework movies movie stories the programming language rails is the framework so when you put the two together you have a base level of programming language if you have a framework around this so what Ruby.

On Rails would enable you to do because it’s not just a language but a framework it build products really quick quickly prototype products really quickly so you’re looking to create applications which is going to create read update and destroy something and it’s on a small prototype level Ruby.

On Rails will probably be the fastest thing that you can develop something in and it’s really really really fast to achieve that the problem with somewhat movie on Rails is that you’ll find that whilst it has scale it may not scale as well as some other applications so when it comes to concurrent users the number of users that might be jumping in and using your tool then it can and stop have.

Certain implications or different things that you need to do so to go into more complex detail you may need something like a sidekick which is a which is third-party application the help of concurrency and controlling larger.

Instructor like that but if you do a really really simple application and there’s crud base Ruby Mountain may be the way to go some people say Ruby on Rails is in decline if I’m honest there’s a massive community out there there’s a lot of people who support it anyway a lot of good quality people using Ruby on Rails and.

Also bear in mind that’s important to Ruby on Rails is that you will.

Find that people and will build in a consistent way in which means to mitigate your own risk if you want to take that application and hand it to another developer typically will conform to certain standards and a certain way of doing things so for example user authentication someone wants to log in administration things like that will be done one through this way because it use a ruby gem they’re called so you’ll have.

A certain way of doing it that’s my experience of Ruby it’s great it’s wrong for some things but it’s right for the majority of stuff so just consider that’s an option another one is c-sharp dotnet framework and that’s a really hard one.

I’ve had a lot of experiences with that and a lot of success with that what I found is that it’s longer to develop and but it has a lot more enterprise level scale to it so one of our businesses has a lot more users a lot more concurrent things happening so to have it built on a markup application of an enterprise level server allows.

The correct way and there are a lot of very thorough and c-sharp developers out there that are very very very credible they’re hard to find and source and procure than the larger group in rails sis then again consider the commercial implications to that such as and if I need to take.

From send evoke there’s also team of people how easy is it to build or scale my my team and things like that so just something to consider then there’s.

Other frameworks like Python Python I would align with the likes of Ruby on Rails Python so he has some framework similar to Django and it allows you to do a lot of things similar to Ruby on Rails Python is really good for data analysis and things.

Like that has a huge plethora of the library so if you need to do.

An image analysis or if you need to do some sort of data science or think about pythons really great for it and it’s fast to build on you’ll then have some other language types like C++ and things like that they.

Java they go into loads of detail so and if you need a a perfectly built applications absolutely optimized and it’s a very very very unique and very case-specific people make build in applications such.

As Java and C++ that in my opinion in my view in the startup world which is where I’m at.

And apologies again I’m sure we’re gonna get some and some very credible programmers commented on this disagree with my opinions in my view as a commercial person and startup I would go with something like Ruby on Rails I would go with something like Python I would also go with something like nodejs which is something that we’d be suggested to start the build the drag as well no.