How To Decide What Programming Language To Use For Startup

Js’ is effectively at javascript is back-end javascript so to be able to to build your whole stack and javascript has a lot of value I can’t talk too much about node.js yeah but that’s what we have our eye on for drag as an application I hope this makes sense I hope it gives you a base.

Little commercial understanding which is what was wanting to do today around how you start to go into deciding what programming language to go for one last point is that if you are commercial like me but maybe you don’t.

Have the previous experience I will start talking to people I would stop speaking to third-party development agencies software companies I would find freelance software people.

I would find offshore I’ll avoid potential employees and I would go to networking events outside of this decision around architecture you would like to do programming language I think.

It’s really important to get a range of advice from different people and then make your own informed decisions based on the things that consistent the things that being said a consistent and make.

You enter the judgment on whether they are biased or unbiased in their views and you.

Can do that by the number of conversations that you have I hope this makes sense a little weird and video to do but really important when you get to the stage that you’ve qualified joy dear it’s working now how do you stop developing it so one of the first.

Things is to understand then start to read into the programming language model to go it thank you so.