My 4 Years Of Computer Science Education In 15 Minutes

And after that first job of making much more than I expected I quickly each year after that had huge salary jumps of 10k plus hey guys Sylvester here with Sylvester Morgan calm in this video I’m going to be sharing my entire computer science education in a relatively short video and this video was inspired by youtubers Devin Crawford and.

Jarvis Johnson who also made similar videos and it was interesting it’s always interesting to hear other people’s perspective for example how Devin was learning the language.

See which is the foundation of many of the popular programming languages that we have today and how he feels like with that foundation that a strong foundation he feels like he could learn anything so I wanted to share my perspective as well which if you read the title it says computer science education not computer science degree because I don’t have a degree.
And you may be wondering why I always mention this and it’s.

Not because I think it’s better but just to encourage those who don’t have a degree or who can’t for whatever reason pursue a.

Degree you don’t have to get a degree in order to get a really good education and I was initially pursuing a degree but for many reasons I stopped pursuing that.

And I decided to put my own learning plan together I’ll leave a link in the description of this video to a guy that I put together that will show you how to put a similar plan together for yourself if you’re interested check that.

Out and before we get started.

I think it’s important to note that my goal of learning computer science was to become a software developer computer science is very broad so how I customized my plan and and the things that I studied the priorities was all based on the goal of becoming a software developer so I wanted to get.

Classes related to software development in first so that maybe I could find work while I was finishing my degree my initial plan was to find the most inexpensive method possible so one of the things that I was doing was taking these things called CLEP tests where you can actually study a subject and then test out of the class and get college credits.

I was also going to unity college to take as many classes as I could inexpensively there that I would then transfer to a four-year school preferably something online and I was also going to try to get a job as quickly as possible while in school to start getting experience and I was hoping to get a job initially.

Making somewhere in the range of 35 to 40 K based on my research and a relatively low cost of living where I’m at I thought I would be making that the first few years.

And then after I finished my degree and make a career jump that maybe I could be around 60 K and then after another year or two have experience jump up to 70 K and then with five to ten years of experience being that eight to a hundred K range but what actually happened was.

Things were really messy there were several times that I had to stop and start pursuing my goals again I dropped out of Community College decided to put my own plan together I also got a help desk job just to get into the industry but it all ended up working out my first developer job I was actually making a salary that I did not expect to be making until somewhere like five plus years in.

The process I learned how to market myself and use my experience and passion and attitude to my advantage and after that first job of making much more than I expected I quickly each year after that had huge salary jumps of 10k plus so now let’s get into it my computer science education now first I’ll just mention the general education courses like psychology.

And English I took some of those at the Community College but again I was trying to focus on those courses that covered specific job skills related to IT and programming as far as the general education courses are concerned my wife and I are lifelong learners anyway so we’re committed to always.

Be learning in those different areas we homeschool our children so I was not necessarily going to need a.
College or university to force me to study.

These subjects a question that I get all the time when people.

Find out that I’m self-taught is how is my math and I never had the mindset of trying to avoid math because it’s difficult or because I think I’m not.
Really good at it or that I hate it but my thinking was is going to take a.

While to study through all the typical CS math requirements and I was trying to get a job and provide for my family as quickly as possible so I did a ton of research I talked.

To a lot of people and it seems like even though abstract thinking and logic are important and generally overlapped with math high levels of math in general are not required for many of the developer jobs out there so in high school I took algebra geometry algebra 2 and then.

Trigonometry and precalculus of that I did do a little bit of the discrete math course on the MIT OpenCourseWare and then when I got into business intelligence and data science there was some statistics that was going to be helpful so I took a very targeted course from udemy that covers the specific statistics that you need for data analytics and with that.

Math background I haven’t really had any limitations in my career yet but again I’m actually I just want to challenge myself and I think is.

Interesting so I think I’m still going to study more math on my own and again also because my wife and I are homeschooling so it’ll be helpful for that as.

Well so the first programming course that I took was of course called programming design and logic in the language was not really important here it was about learning how to program but we did use Visual Basic before this class started I purchased.

And read a lot of the textbook and apparently reading the textbook is going so far beyond expectations that you.

Become a TA so I was a teacher assistant for this class and before this class I also followed some basic Python tutorials on YouTube but I’m not exactly sure but I think it may have been the new Boston so this first course was where I really started to love programming we learned about.

Storing values in these things called variables we learned about programming structures like decision structures.

Or if-then statements and also repetition structures or loops during that same semester I.