My 4 Years Of Computer Science Education In 15 Minutes

Also took a course I don’t remember exactly what it was called.

But it was basically like intro to technology and IT it was basically a very base a class of just how computers and technology are used.

In the world around us it seems like it was mostly for students who had zero background and anything IT or technology related the other class that I was taking during that same semester was intro to web development so I learned how.

The internet works and how websites work I learned how you can structure a website using something called HTML or hypertext markup language and then how you can add formatting to a website using CSS or cascading style sheets and then how you can add functionality to your website using a programming language called JavaScript we actually got to build a portfolio website that was hosted on the school’s servers but my site is no longer there and then.

The next semester I took a course called intro to databases and we used a programming.

Language called sequel and we learned how important data is in programming and how it can be stored the different types of data that you work with and how you can go beyond storing and data and something called a.

Flat file like a CSV or comma delimited file to storing it in this system where you can establish relationships where you can break the data down so that it can be easily updated and modified and deleted and how.

All of this is necessary if you’re working with a really large system and lots and lots of data and this language that we use SQL is something called a declarative programming language so what it means is that instead of telling the computer how.

It needs to do what is doing you just tell it what you want to do and you tell it that in a very English like way so it’s really easy to learn and you just tell that what you wanted to do and in the background it figures out the best way to go about doing it so we used Microsoft’s sequel server and some people hate on.

Sequel is one of the easiest ways to get into programming and it’s an extremely valuable skill set most developers need to know how to work.

With sequel and databases but sequel can also lead to careers and business intelligence and data science this semester I also took a C++ course which I haven’t used professionally but it did come handy in an interview I was interviewing for a wordpress developer position using PHP guy interviewing me said even though you don’t know PHP I guarantee you if you learn C++ you’ll have no problem picking up PHP the next semester I took a C++ to class as well as a Java class at the same.

Time and I didn’t have any problems with this a lot a lot of these programming languages are very similar and with the Java course we learned a lot about something called object-oriented programming or how to structure your code in a very modular way so that it’s easier to maintain and troubleshoot your code as well as working a team you can break the program.

That you’re working on down into small pieces and different team members can work on different pieces and in this class you’ll learn about some things called classes inheritance polymorphism abstraction and then I also went on to learn c-sharp and PHP on my own again I studied PHP to prepare for that WordPress developer interview and I was studying c-sharp to prepare for working.

In a large company that uses Microsoft and something called the dotnet.

Framework another important course that I took was data structures and algorithms we learn about something called algorithmic or computational thinking how to break problems down into small steps that you can.

Then translate to code we learn about something called Big O notation which is a way of representing the complexity of an algorithm or how well an algorithm scales if you add more users or more things to be processed how.

Efficiently does the algorithm do those things and a lot of data structures and algorithms are covered in any programming course that you will take for example if you’re taking a basic programming course and you’re learning about things like lists and arrays these are data structures but I also.

Took some courses dedicated to these and these are the kind of things that are covered in some of the coding interviews during the algorithms and data structures course you learn how to implement these different data structures then you.

Learn that you’ll never actually have to implement these data structures because they’re already built into the popular programming languages and speaking of not actually having to implement things I also learned about frameworks and libraries and these are large collections of pre-existing code that’s tried and true is well tested there’s a lot of functionality built into these it gives you a lot of power at your fingertips so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you’re going to solve a new.

Programming problem I also took an A+ certification course and so I learned a lot about.

Hardware in this course a lot of other things if I wanted to get into IT and my plan was.

The idea was to get into IT and then be able to move into development and.

Let me just say that IT is not the same as development when people hear that you’re a software developer or engineer they automatically assume that you know all about IT they ask you to fix their printer but in reality the software development.

Teams when we have issues with our computers we actually call IT some of the.

Other courses and topics that I covered networking so how computers talk to each other and communicate with each other these different protocols that we have to ensure that messages or packages that are sent to and from different.

Computers to ensure that those get their operating systems computer architecture the history of computers binary are just zeros and ones which is the only thing that the computer understands and why we decided to use a binary system rather than something that had more values and how we can take chunks of zeros and ones to represent numbers and letters and texts.

And videos and images and basically anything and if a computer only understands zeros and ones then.

How does it understand the programming that we do in the high-level languages that we use.