My 4 Years Of Computer Science Education In 15 Minutes

Or SQL a lot of the programming looks a lot like English it’s obviously not zeros and ones so how.

Is that the code that we write translate it into something the computer can understand that’s where compilers and interpreters come in so I took one class where we had to write a compiler that would take a C++ file and scan the file and make sure that it was in the correct.

Format the correct syntax etc and then.

We also took a class studying some of the different programming languages or programming paradigms which are just different philosophies or different ways.

Of going about solving different problems and this was all a mixture of courses or textbooks or just online videos again it was messy I stopped and started at different times I had.

Stuff come up in life where I had to just put my studies on hold and.

Then pick it back up another time I also learned about the software development lifecycle we actually took a field trip to a software company that was implementing the agile methodology and.

These are just different ways of going about gathering the requirements for a new program or piece of software designing it actually coding it out testing it and deploying it what are.

The philosophies around doing that whole process most efficiently so I was learning a lot covering a lot of different programming languages and different things and I had a friend and mentor say bro you’re learning a lot but what are you actually going to do with it now cuz remember my goal was to get a job as soon as possible but there.

Was so much to learn I felt like I was never going to know enough so he gave me some really great advice that I needed to specialize on something I needed to have some focus and get really good at something so I decided to focus on business intelligence or taking using software to help businesses analyze their data and make intelligent business.

Decisions so in studying business intelligence I got to cover a lot of really cool practical applications of computer science like how to store and move large amounts of data around very efficiently and quickly how data is stored in a regular system that the users of a company interact with daily and that the customers are stored in etc to something called a data warehouse where data is structured differently to.

Make it more conducive to doing analytical work how to store data in these things called multi-dimensional cubes where the data is pre aggregated based on different ways that the company that the business wants to slice.

And dice and analyze their data really cool things with business intelligence and data science and this is just the beginning of my journey there’s still so much so many interesting topics to learn about if you want to learn more about computer science I’ll leave a.

Link in the description to my video learn computer science and eight hours where I share this really extremely valuable and well done CS in a nutshell course that you could cover in about eight hours time I’ll leave a link to that I’ll also leave a link to my free learning to code getting started guide if you’re interested in getting into software development or learning how to code I’ll walk you through.

The steps that I used to put my own customized learning plan together so if you like this video please click the thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already leave a comment let me know if you have any questions thank you guys for watching I’ll see you in the next video.