Inventory System Using C Programming Language

Hello everyone today I will show you the codes of inventory Prague inventory system program first things first I use structure method and a file text to save in the file and this is phase one of my code the welcome to main menu it will display first second it will choose you can choose add and input our new product.

View inventory make a purchase display product display product with discounts display product with a higher sales and delayed the product and also exceed program then in case one it will display this the create create inventory it will display the product code but before that you can enter how many how many number of items you you will input.

Then if the condition is false the bra.

The program will terminate and it will you will input this following then after that it will display in to file tax in case to make a purchase it will display all you input in case one and then save in to file text history the view inventory it will view all so you will input the code.
View the name quantity price.

Discount input number of purchase then same as one kiss one and two it will display into a to input text file and this for display product it will display the out-of-stock brother and no out of stock products in case five discounted products it will display the most.

Are the products that is discounted then it will display to the text file and then case 6 product with the highest sale this is case 6 the product that most the product with the highest sale with display the in k7 you can edit product and case a to exit the program let’s try to.

Run this program let’s try number 1 input let’s say number let’s put two then the product code is 290 the name banana quantity is 490 then price of products five star to add manufacturing date is 1025 18 then the this is the another code let’s say 500 then Apple then price of Prada is 10 then this say.

Five so factoring day 25 it in and it will ask if you choose yes then it will go to me me know if not enter minutes it will display the products here then you can choose another if you want to perform another task you must choose number 1 then 3 to make a purchase let’s say the code.

Is 2 18 9 the banana the bet the item is banana the quantities for 90 and you will input how much you will how much you will purchase for example let’s say 50 then we’ll display the remaining stuff discounted amount and a total AMA let’s perform another task that’s poor then there is no out of stop and then let’s go back to.

Main menu then let’s try number 5 and then let’s go back let’s try number 6 the Apple is the most just going hi this content product.

So the Apple display so the Apple so it’s the most highest sale then let’s perform another test let’s try to eat it the one is banana 2 is Apple let’s say number 1 the new code is 0 to 3 then the bread is orange then the quantity is 220 then the price is 5 let’s say 0 then 1025 18 and if you want to continue then you must click yes then let’s view if it is dead the.

Banana is replaced by orange then let’s say let’s perform and let’s exit the program then let’s try to see in the raffle text if the product is received then see all you enter into a to the to dock to the program.