Programming Interview Questions | Live Interview #4

Just the way you’re calling the recursion again can we check the seat that’s correct the Dickerson acted valid I see yeah so what I’m saying great what actually might be more helpful is a printing off some of the stuff here what I’m saying for the recursive calls is I’ve either picked one item from the set.

From one index moving forward or I pick two items or I picked items but the actual thing that I’m adding in that may be wrong so.

If I were to print off partial at exploit and then print partial said after I think.

That may be a good clue yeah so it definitely seems like oh no this is actually okay so I’ve added oh it’s because the plus equal is actually M right so it didn’t actually add in a string like the way that I expected for example the 255 that I have here if you check the output it isn’t actually one string together but it’s multiple items.

Inside of a list yeah which is definitely.

Way off that means instead I guess one option is to just have multiple joins.

This seems kind of strange to do but I guess it’s a consequence of my earlier.

Decision to put everything inside of a list so if I had instead of item 0 ahead join on item I think this actually merges together that 255 255 111 and 3 yeah so that’s part of the problem fixed and that now.

My final solution is an actual you know octet right so the only thing left to fix at this point is the the lines between 21 and 27 so over here I can see that there’s definitely.

Some things that are invalid I have a 5 11 and a 5 12 and a second 511 the two.

Final solutions are correct so what I have here for current range is the air yeah so when it’s looking at current range only looking at the 0th index item so again pretty much having end up having to do this to convert it into one string and now I have the correct solution for the case that you gave cool I want to say that this is probably okay with all.

Inputs because even if I have something ridiculous like let’s say I have this just repeating a bunch of times hmm it shouldn’t it.

Should definitely not give a solution because I should never end up hitting the case where my end is equal to Len.

And that’s correct I got nothing back as a solution just because I exit as soon as my pick is.

Equal to four so cool that will be my final solution so the time complexity is still constant because we know there are 2 to the power 32 valid idea to success we generated yeah it’s uh it’s not only that it’s also that I only make 4 selections right after I have my 4 octet like it’s done there’s no more recursive calls all right cool that went great.

How are the questions did you find them easy that video practice them before or how was the question uh.

Yeah the first one I I’d say I got pretty quickly there’s just like a small bug you could get the IP one I have not even if I did it would have had to been years ago this was pretty pretty good yeah I definitely enjoyed the IP uestion that’s okay I really liked your performance late.