Eevacademy #9 – Implementing Scpi In C++

Get the build you could query it so the the query date of this is the the build date is October 12th and the build time was at six forty four forty seconds so.

There’s these er this is a good command interface it’s something that is human readable it’s something that.

That is easy to extend and build build applications with because all you need to do is send a simple string to the device through just a serial interface I mean serial serial interface libraries are common as mud and yeah if we now type this voltage command with a different voltage sou RCE then we see it changes and we can of course query it and it returns the voltage and you’ve got all these other commands.

These other commands this you’ve got you got some measurement commands you’ve got some output commands and the structure these commands might change I mean this is pretty preliminary I probably should have written preliminary in the document name but.

This is what we got so hey cool okay well hope you enjoyed the video I hope you learnt something and I hope this kind of pattern of pauses is useful to you because writing pauses can be a real pain if you don’t have.

A standardized pattern and this is what I use generally so I hope you have.

A good day have a good one bye in production I don’t use stood string I use a replacement using template metaprogramming if you want.

To see how to do that anyone go full node with C++ which you probably don’t the link isn’t down below consider this a warning.