How To Attract Abundance – Remove Blocks To Your Success – Change Limiting Beliefs

And I want you to find the thing you believe most strongly than anything else positive belief something that you absolutely 100% have absolute concrete certainty about I want you to point to where you feel that once you to imagine that floating in the space around you is a picture that represents that belief reach out and touch that first.

Impression don’t try so hard Rick go with your first impression it’s not going to match what you consciously think it should be it never.

Does something strong we would like it to be positive you.

Know if your strongest belief is that you’re a worthless piece of that’s probably not the most useful set of things right look at it notice how big it is notice if it’s in color or black and white first impression is it moving or is it still how close is it to your body is there any sound many tones are there any feelings any interesting distinctions about those feelings is it in one place or more.

Than one place right there any tastes or smells connected to it I want you to really examine all the sensory attributes of that belief and make a snapshot of.

It just to make sure it’s the right one grab ahold of it lift it over your head.
Pull it down through your entire body and notice what.

Happens surprise very good and put it back out there open your eyes think about what you’re gonna have for breakfast tomorrow yeah you’re not going to have much are you close your eyes scan your life look for a belief that you’d like to change as.

Soon as you find it doesn’t matter what it is this point boot something you want to.

Change maybe something you’d like to have stronger something you’d like to have weaker doesn’t really.

Matter much notice where in your body you feel that and point to.

It reach out touch the picture connected to that feeling trace the edges of it with both.

Of your hands so you know how big it is that’s right now grab the edges of it just to make sure it’s the right one expand it like you would the windows on your iPhone and notice what happens to the feelings in your body little bigger Rick that’s right excellent and look at it notice the colors is a color or black and white is it.

Moving or still is there sound other feelings is there taste the smell take a really vivid snapshot of exactly that now open your eyes put your hands down think about what you’re going to have breakfast a week from now now how many people had a positive belief they wanted to.
Your hands all right how many people had a negative belief they.

Wanted to be weaker okay here’s what you’re going to do you’re going to take the belief you’re going to call up the belief actually going to create one more resource I want you to think of something that a ridiculous belief something that you just know is absolute like the.

Earth is flat some of you might actually believe that that Trump is a good guy you know at it you know that Hillary is honest right I don’t care what it is as long as you know in your heart of hearts that that belief is absolute and utter utterly untrue or ridiculous ludicrous if you might once you close your eyes point to where you feel that right notice there’s a picture floating in the space around you that represents that feeling that belief reach out.

And touch it trace the edges of it with both of your hands so you know how big it is look at the colors in the picture is it color or is it black and white is it moving or is it still is it one dimensional two dimensional three dimensional is it fuzzy is it clear there he.

Sounds to it many tones is it loud as it soft is it silent are.

There any feelings where are those feelings are they in more than one place do they move do they vibrate do they.

Pulse are there any tastes salty sweet sour bitter vomitus are there any smells does it stink take a vivid vivid snapshot of it.

And then open your eyes and think about what you’re going to have for dinner very good now close your eyes now I want you to call up two pictures the picture.

Of that ridiculous belief that ludicrous stupid thing and then right next to it I want you to pull up that less than positive belief that you’d like to change.

Hold the pictures side by side and notice what’s different between them notice what attributes versus the picture that’s ridiculous versus the picture of something you want to.

Change notice the colors how are they different or the visuals notice the auditories how are they different the kinesthetics the feelings how are they different the old factories the gustatory is.

You to do is once you know which attributes are different I want you to take that belief that you want to change and change all the qualities and attributes of that picture to the one that exactly matches that ridiculous or weak belief take all the time you need shrink that picture down just a little bit move it into the same location where that weak or ridiculous belief is stored and expand it notice.

What happens I try to take that old belief seriously now notice what happens instead when you know you’ve got.

It you’ve tested it open your eyes and notice how different you feel just keep.

Moving into that spot till it locks into place then try to take it out.

And notice what happens instead what happens Act which notice cause II come out of trance stuff shifts.

Really quick with this well did you notice Sofia hmm I know that look silly oh silly what happens when you make that silly belief even bigger it’s more ridiculous oh it’s just so ridiculous Cynthia what happened and what happened good Rick what happened what happened is what didn’t happen I couldn’t come up with something that is ridiculous points where you feel that ridiculous belief force where you.

Feel that ridiculousness yeah there’s a picture out there that connected to the where you’re pointing right reach out and touch that first impression yeah matching there’s a picture floating in a space around you’re connected with that ridiculous thing reach out and touch it just pretend yeah trace the edges up with both of your hands so you know how big it is good now you know how you expand the windows on your iPhone to.

See things better grab the edges of it make it twice the size notice what happens now bring it to half its size and notice what happens now make it even smaller yeah now find the place and the size that you like the best yeah take all the time you play with it your neurology can do it ever you want there.

You go now if there was a belief you’d like to change make it look like that belief in terms of its qualities and then move it into that spot notice what happens to the feelings in your body Oh excellent and just keep moving it into that spot until it locks into place I mean when.

You locks into place try to take it out and notice what happens instead oh good open.

Your eyes notice that different you feel yeah guys enjoy the show the we all have tremendous tremendous control over our own neurology once we know how to access the dashboard that controls it most of us don’t understand that the imagination and the conscious might have to work together to do this it’s not just fantasy although fantasy plays an important role the mediator the the connecting.

Link is the body so what you’re going to do now is very simple you’re going to go into an.

Induction you’re going to deepen you’re going to go to the gray room you’re going to go through every belief sort them things I want to keep things.

I want to change the things that are really strong that are positive you want to look at those say that’s the attributes of a strong belief those are the attributes of.

A ridiculous belief and you’re going to sort just go through your belief system and change them when they’re all changed do a kinesthetic check try to bring them you know keep moving them into those locations until they’re impossible to bring out integrate them back into the body and then we’ll come back with the next piece okay modified.

Gray room belief change step throwing a in the fire now you’re going to bring up your positive beliefs do an inventory of sub modalities the ones you want to change change one to the other.

Idea is if this if this is a negative belief something that is you know strong negative belief you want to change it to the sub modalities.

Of a week a ridiculous belief if it’s a positive belief that’s just weak you want to change it to a strong belief right so you can do one or the other or all of them right so think of it as two separate processes or two sides of the same propulsion system which is what I think they were trying to do with that other manuals they were trying to say okay let’s change your strong negative belief to a weak or.

Non-existent negative belief and then change your strong belief the one that was in conflict with this.

One to the strong one right so keep it simple if you have negative beliefs you want to just get rid of change them to the stuff that no longer matters if you have a positive belief but it’s weak compared to some of.

The other stuff change it to the sub modalities of a strong belief but if you have a strong negative belief that’s in conflict with a weak positive belief now you need to do both right change the strong negative to a week or radicular non-existent one change the weak positive to a strong positive right and do this within a formal trance okay we’ll do this pink piece and we’ll come back and we’ll.