Jim Jefferies On "ghosted Hunters" Podcast

Hey guys welcome to this special episode of ghost hunters Aaron and Ariel and we just want to apologize because this week we weren’t able to give you part two of the last episode because I was sick so it takes about a week to kind of do this whole thing so thanks for being patient but we promised we’d make.

It up to you and we did because we have an amazing guest today oh welcome to Jeffrey’s why were you sick I just kind of had this weird cold that was going away and coming back like every.

Other day your cold was ghost that happens early stages of an HIV infection oh my god with the lack of sex I’ve been having I’d be shocked if I’d HIV needles it’s probably from the news so our last episode we had Steve who went into a dive bar and met this older woman they were drinking he rescued her from a guy who was hitting on her how old was Steven Steve is in his 20s but looks to.

Be in his 30s and the woman was probably in her late 40s and her name is Leslie her name was Leslie and so they they went back to her place Rika’s Steve lives with these parents yeah probably and they were about to hook up in her daughter’s bedroom right okay why not her bedroom exactly well we don’t know we’re not sure it is weird when you’re a parent when you do have my bedroom surrounded by pictures of a five-year-old you.

Know you do you did what a pictures a.

Hit Sheldon when you’re with the mother it’s it’s fine it’s like lovely it’s like looking at you but otherwise it’s so you would go to your son’s room no I never have sex in my son’s room what I’m some Star Wars blankets in a bunk bed I could hit my head no yeah.

So I mean we thought it was a little bit odd to yeah that was our first red flag but so they’re in the midst of hooking up her clothes come off.

He realizes that she’s not as in the light of her daughter’s bedroom assuras at the bar and she went.

To the bathroom to change and he bolted he left without saying goodbye he didn’t say goodbye he left while she was in the bathroom right.

He couldn’t fake an illness I I mean he should have we want to know have you ever been in a situation like that where you were mid hookup and you started to have second thoughts oh yes but I’m you know I’ve always gone through with it because it lets you get back to the house you can’t go No then.

If you’ve made that much progress you just have to go on god what am I thinking and then you just get it over and done with as quickly as well the worst one I ever did was I was living in Britain for.

Many many years and I was broke for most of the time that I was living there and I hooked up with a guy I was in some small village somewhere I couldn’t tell you it was somewhere between like Liverpool and Manchester I was living in Manchester.

Time and up in a small village and I had a wake up next to the lady and she didn’t look as good as I remember when I picked her up the night before and I could I didn’t even know how.

To get out or where a train station might be or whatever but I had in my pocket I had 400 pounds.

From the gig that I’d done the night before she was trying to sell her car for 600 pounds at the front of Peugeot 203 and I bargained her down to 400 and made her sign.