Jim Jefferies On "ghosted Hunters" Podcast

The pink slip and then I drove away so that was that was pretty bad I got a car out of the whole thing I had that car for two years you bought a car I got a fair price I didn’t make any false.

Promises that I was going to be back I wasn’t mean like that but I thought I thought I don’t know how to get to a.

Train station I need to get out any quickly so she was hungover and I purchased the car in cash and.

Then drove off and I went back to my house where I lived with a whole lot of comedians and just went we’ve got a car because we were all broke and no one had a car before so that we use that car for years that woman was kind of like a hero.

Yeah she got you guys a car you.

I you know my quick talking got us a car but you know yeah she goes again that’s an amazing story I don’t.

Know if that’s a ghosting thing but that was good I loved it we’re just here to talk.

To you Jim Jefferies you’re the best yeah this story that someone on some Republican website would go left-wing comedian uses his position of power to achieve car well I probably get in trouble for.

That one it doesn’t seem like that it seems like that’s fair you needed a motor turns out I was I was a young plucky I was probably 25 or something I think she was in a mid-30s okay that’s the right age to do something.

Like that similar to Stephen Leslie yeah very similar I empathize with Stephen let’s let’s go back to.

The whole like kid bedroom thing so if you’re with someone and they’re like hey let’s hook up in my kids.

Bedroom like what is your first thought are you I’ve never had someone ask that I would already be a bit creeped out then and see maybe Leslie had still had a husband or a significant other that she was trying to hide things that were on the nightstand in the all the gentleman’s yes obviously a man living.

In the house sometimes I was over right I thought that she was probably married still like you said like yeah girl married just trying to have a one-night stand right yeah her husband’s maybe out of town and this is her chance didn’t want him to know but then again like why would she.

Go to that route to hide it you know like he’s already there why didn’t they just have sex in the living room like you’re about to watch television for a bit having.

Sex on the sofa and it’s all good mmm-hmm and also the beds is sort of so mundane ly boring the living rooms gotten left different levels going on position propped up on.

Them versus kamasutra if you get thirsty or probably buy water or alcohol and and there’s no implication that you’re gonna.

Spend the night right because you’re on the furniture you’re on the furniture yes it’s like you can get the clothes back on and get out of it you don’t have to you know in a stationary place yeah yeah so Jim what is the best way if any to get out of a situation mid hookup where you decide maybe you don’t want to be doing this anymore maybe hook up like mid sex like mid sex or meeting to have sex yeah.

Like in this like foreplay for getting out of work you’re faking illness I don’t feel well I don’t feel what now what you do is you do something that involves shit.