Jim Jefferies On "ghosted Hunters" Podcast

Because good yeah yeah oh I gotta go to the toilet and then you stay in there for a long time just sing there you write it out and then you come back out going oh I better leave like.

Food poisoning yeah food poisoning to everything and also because no one’s look like a person to shut themselves for 15 minutes so well I mean there’s like those people there’s a group of people a group of people but I mean for the most part you do something with food poisoning is the best way to get out or you went there in the bathroom you text a friend to ring.

You to tell you that and then your are they stopping up I have to hurry I’ve got a friend who’s.

In trouble or something I don’t know some lie is always the best way telling the truth these not getting you fucking anyway that’s like a lot of bullshit people don’t.

Want the truth they don’t what the truth in that situation no you have to lie I think a white lie is the right move sometimes.

I’ll do something where I’m like I have an early meeting I just saying some things early in the morning you’re like.

Straight forward than I am I yeah situations.

Don’t happen that often oh I just know my just power through the whole thing but like that you actually I left in the middle of the hook-up ones ok tell that story I want to.

Hear it he this guy had told me he was an actor which was already if he and we went on a date we go back to his place and it turns out he does those like he was doing Emmanuelle movies you know what those are no it’s like the soft porn yeah and and this is like in.

The midst of us hooking up yeah and you’d brought out a paddle and everything and and I’m like um this is a little emotionally taxing for me and I’m.

Gonna leave it most like I believe it I even have a specific yeah I just said it was emotionally taxing that was no I know it was the porn thing I was like I didn’t you should tell someone you’re a porn actually have sex in those movies though that’s all simulated sex in those films that’s not actually it’s not.
Actual sex yes it’s in the porn world have you.

Have you ever hooked up with someone that worked in porn cuz that might be fun beyond that.

Guy I don’t think so I know what do you ever know no it doesn’t do anything for me what.

About you Jim I I have yes but I choose not to.

Mention any more on that subject I think maybe someone like like Fabio with like hair.

And ABS and like a fake tan because if you’re gonna go that route like why not go out of your pain look yeah yeah someone with an accent that might be fun I mean I would pick like a Ron.

Jeremy like a classic no but then it’s the story of saying wouldn’t you wouldn’t wrongdoing.

It would be very hard I know.

You’ve met Ron Jeremy everybody has in this town if you hang that car you met Ron if you hang out how many cars you’ve met Ron he’s always there yeah he’s.

Always there yeah he’s a narcoleptic he is yeah Wow yeah just falls asleep yeah yeah hmm I know but can come on Q so swings and roundabouts in it yeah how long has he been retired for I think it’s been decades I think he still does the occasional little walk on part in things he does where he’s like acting and stuff but I don’t think he’s been retired from the snakes for that that long do you think he ghosts people all the time I.

Think he gets ghosted all the time now yeah his cachet is gone sad he’s pretty old I don’t think you that all I.

Think he’s like in his late fifties no no no because he can’t popular in the 70s oh I’m 41 there is no way that that man’s just 10 years older than me it’s not it no no he was he was a popular porn star in 1975 have you ever go see anyone Jim I.

Prolific at it prolific like you’re not great at it my thing is I if I’d say anything I I don’t know how to date properly.

I’m not good at the dating why because I break up with a girl and then.

I start and then the next guy start saying it’s like I I got I always gone like seven dates or eight online dates and then I meet someone I go all right they’ll stop seeing you and then all of a sudden you got another girlfriend again cuz I guess that’s what I don’t understand what.

You meant to do because people go on I’ve been single for a couple of years I just date it’s like what just go on.

Single dates because what are you going on three dates for date you’re just.

Dumping people constantly you’re getting dumped constantly I don’t I don’t but you don’t commit to.

Them I know you don’t commit to them but it gets weird because then if you go out if you go out like say 20 dates you always gonna find someone you like enough to see for a couple of months my odds have.

Been pretty bad I’ve gone on a lot of first dates in the past year and no one I wanted to see again do you just you end it there do you give them like a second chance no I’m kind of Oh so instantly you’re like well it’s like why am I gonna waste everyone’s time if we don’t have chemistry if it’s not gonna work if I already know that I don’t you know and I’m.

I I mean I read into everything that they say and make sure that they’re not crazy so I’m probably over.

Analytical hmm I found when I was poor and I was a lot younger obviously but when I was poor women wanted to have sex with me and now rich women want to marry me I don’t know how that changed happened or why it’s confusing to me I think I’ve lost my sex appeal but I.

Definitely gained my marriage appeal well you know you’re like you’re like a dad maybe the dads like single.

Dads are sexy some girls like the single dad thing and some girls don’t like it some girls think that it takes attention away from them well I think it’s awesome it shows what like you have the ability to love.

Something you know yeah responsible nurturing yeah I think yeah yeah I my problem is it’s like and I haven’t I’ve only been separated from the mother for a year half so I haven’t introduced my son to any other girls yeah iiiii I don’t know if I have a set and sort of rule on that I think it’s.

Probably if the relationship is going well maybe six months you should introduce us I will say yes we will say yeah you can do it after a month or something but I would never want him to get attached to anyone yeah I think six months is safe yeah you know the person you know you’re going to continue to see them unless possibly you know that’s a hard choice to.

Make though you know but it’s on some of the kids you do to sit down like this is such-and-such she’s gonna be around a lot more on what do you say why this is I think you know I think you do like like it starts off with us a friend and you.

Do it in a group situation and then there’s a party or a barbecue in that person’s there again and then you you just ease them in until the kid goes I guess this person I still don’t know how to do it I still don’t know how to do mm-hmm I’ve dated single.

Dads and they wanted me to meet their kids right away really that’s right that’s right he’d like someone they’d like oh well these other guys I did he want.

Me I’m like all right no I don’t think it’s right and it’s not yeah I definitely think it’s good to be super protective yeah it’s her kids they’re so precious and then you know you don’t want him to go back to his mom and and say there’s a bunch of random women around mothering me porn stars maybe okay hanging around and bothering me kids talk I make my bed by this other person I know like what does the five-year-old’s.

Perspective on something like that just like all right I think when the kids are teenagers you can introduce whoever you want their lives by then yeah your own shit going down yeah don’t care.

What you people understands that when you have a kid there any little for a short time and when you know I have 50% custody I know stuff so so it’s always.

It’s always like people go why don’t you just get a nanny for a week or whatever we go and I’m like no because he’s only little for so long as soon it’s gonna be like and with him even now he has his own plans every weekend he has birthday party yesterday here’s a huge social calendar there a five-year-old has a.

Calendar that’s because everyone invites everyone in the class to the fucking party they’re all friends no one’s that like.

Define like oh this is my best friend or whatever they’re just old friends how many people are in one class that’s a lot of party these causes like 12 and then these like you know there’s other people like my friends kids and you know exes my ex’s friends kids and there’s always a birthday party every weekend I’ve been to sign and I mean just so many events with bouncy.

Castles in the last year you want you want to you want to the rich people have real good part like the the fancy.

Fancy people like like you want to go to those parties where it’s catered there’s like or donees I like to have the like my parties for him to be a little bit more ghetto I just have like a guide as balloons and a bouncy castle and the blowing guys just a guy that.

In the end is basically adults getting the balloons everyone’s wearing like a balloon hat I gotta say to this session.

That underrated talent that’s amazing that people can do that to make balloon and make a YouTube video and do it not as good as these like the kids would come up.

And go what a minion I wanted to I want a bicycle don’t make anything yeah minions minions are pretty easy actually yeah I’ve been watching the minions I know how to.