Jim Jefferies On "ghosted Hunters" Podcast

Do it yeah I just love that like cats and dogs yeah I wanted swans I liked a good Swan yeah who wants a swan swans are unique you probably type you take food home from the day absolutely not no no no not a bad move okay that’s.

No that’s in it in American socially acceptable Australia can’t even do that even if I don’t think it’s socially acceptable in America no I definitely be on a diet you’ve been on dates where the women boxed up their food afterwards been like I’m.

Taking yeah I could never a big red flag I was actually on a date last week.

Where it was like we ordered all this food and there was clearly a lot of extra was like Indian food we ordered like a bunch of stuff and I was just like you take all of it so is it weird if.

A guy takes it yes really yeah it’s weird it’s weird it’s like what are you doing this is a social thing it’s not like it’s like oh you’re right like what are you looking for leftovers it’s weird like there’s.

Not an ting but if you’re never gonna see the person again why not I think if you never want to see that if it’s.

A bad date your allows being people who I’ve seen.

But I just wrote it down so that’s what Americans do I don’t think so what do you judge people on like on the first date Jim I will you have to be a good conversationalist if I can’t chat to it and that’s the best.

Of mm-hmm definitely not if you’re I said silly but I don’t know I can data vegan I condone it vegetarian I can do any type of you if you tell me you have celiac disease within the first few minutes you can fuck off I don’t not real there’s.

About five people on earth who fucking having it turns out every pretty woman in this town has celiac disease no seriously nine no other people do lie about it but I what do you have I have little crabs if I eat any bread or any.

Just say you fucking trying to say skinny I’m no fucking issue this and and a thing that’s like gives you crabs is not a disease cancer is a.

Disease I’m lactose intolerant if I.

Touch a bit of fucking milk I go.

And shit myself alright I don’t call it my lactose disease seems to be every actress in town or whatever and if you if you fuck with the menu too much I love food right so if you fuck with the menu too much that does my head in as well if you get.

In and go this on the side that on the side can you hold the blue button the whole thing and then I’m just thinking you just deconstructed the entire recipe and I take you to a nice restaurant then you get the food and you go this isn’t very good okay I imagine not now you have made.

Some uncooked vegetables with our four different sources and tops around the plate now it’s not very good and so you got that I’m like I’m already out I don’t mind if you yes I said you’re a vegetarian.

Or what-have-you in that you thing but it’s pickiness that i go i can’t what am I going to do with this person if I because every every every date is an interview you know what’s gonna happen like ten years down the track if I’m with this like.

A woman I have to fucking listen to this every time I go yeah not happening not happening I’m so you’re gonna be a good conversationalist you have to find me funny otherwise that’s my only skill wait do you actually go on dates the people that don’t think you’re funny oh my god don’t you people who haven’t even watched.

My comedy oh my god wouldn’t you prefer that no put like five seconds of time into watching just a little tiny clip or.

Something because then you find out like you cuz also you can find out a lot.

From me or that I’m not religious that I know you know blah.

Blah but and then you like afterwards I’m very particular type of comedian you can watch me afterwards and find me offensive and I’m like what am I fuckin wasting my time doing this thing yeah it is actually pretty good way.

To get to know someone you often are gone.

Dates with actresses and I definitely watch they show real before I got it if I’m just like I’ll just have a little like I’m stalking I make.

A deal 5 minute a little bit of reconnaissance and then I go off.

You know I had the date so I find like what are you here for what are we doing have you have you researched someone and seen that they weren’t talented and mr. talent race you’re really good-looking I can put.

Up with you being really untalented but if you’re if you’re really not that good looking here extraordinarily talented to guys the other way as well in all fairness you know I can I can dine ugly if they’re extraordinarily talented a talent crush yeah I have a talent crushing someone yeah so like if somebody had the talent it’s not like on the ride or whatever happened they.

They sort of you can see that there’s people who were just like Instagram model e type people then you see the other people.

Were like oh you design furniture that’s interesting yeah that’s a turn-on as well you go I want someone who’s got something going.

On in their life is very important yeah yeah I like so multi-dimensional not just body dimensions I want you you need someone who has a reason to wake up yeah.

I have a weird talent crush when you co del Toro it’s my dad I think are are.

You behind yeah there’s something attractive about he looks he’s just so intense you know oh my god yeah a lot of women like him yeah who’s your talent crush was a famous person.

And I have a crush on gully Ivan thought it golley debate I never do something I know I’m getting older because when I was young I was all young girls that I looked at I thought but now it’s like it’s like the other day I was sitting with a friend and good.

Because the new TV show whatever I said then that Alicia Silverstone’s holding it together well actually I start to admire that oh my god someone’s taking care of themselves that’s someone they’re super healthy and then when you get a bit older you start like you’re gonna get to my dad’s side you like that all she has an active mind your parameters change with age yeah yes.

You know it’s it’s it’s anything it’s one that I have like a talent crust I think is just like a really good good actress or something like what about you Ariel like Emma Steiner like.

You know I don’t think she’s easy she’s particularly what you call conventionally hard she’s great she’s got something to articulate I bet she’d be really fun to hang out.