Jim Jefferies On "ghosted Hunters" Podcast

With exactly when you stop looking people like that would be a fine way to Jennifer Lawrence girls who can make laugh at themselves a bit silly mm-hmm good young guy probably found it intimidating or something I was younger but now really someone that I personally would not be intimidated by anyone like you’re such a big personality.

Sometimes I go on dates and my hands are shaking I don’t know to suit because I’m too shy because then I get to shake your hands really easily if I’m super can’t get a mouth I can not knife and fork worthy I can’t.

Have anything too saucy or curry or something like that oh my god you’re not solid’ me on a first date I work out to sea for number five should we move to some fan questions should we have some.

People then submitted some questions for this okay so the puss AFER’s asks we can’t think of a.

Good question because we don’t understand why anyone would date when.

They can hoard cats instead you can do both yeah you’re right yeah okay cool thanks for submitting that question you dated cats more than women Oh Paul Knight as what have you learned would you do anything differently in a relationship do you have an answer for that Jim relationship I’ve been in is has been not successful because I’m you know I’m not in a relationship so.

I think those are the best learning experiences that I yeah I think there’s something there’s people who like who I would have broken up with way earlier you know I mean that that’s the.

Thing I would have done differently I would have stopped that I would have stopped the torture and just gotten out there right way and then there’s things I see my younger years I wish I traded some.

People better you know there’s people that I that I people I cheated on there was people that I I’d was dismissive of those people I took for granted you know and then there’s other people who I think I treated really well and they.

Dumped me so there’s no rhyme or reason to what guy so yeah I’ve been a good guy in a bad guy and everything in between I think I think I’m getting better with age I think I’m definitely getting better with angel when.

Do you know that something should be over like what are the clues when when the good times are outweighed by the bad times because you can be in that relationship when you got the other weekend was so perfect and when we really clear really quick but it’s when it’s like you’re looking back you’re like I had one.

Good day with this person this week I had six shitty days and that’s been a constant it’s just the simple math of that I I’m really I write the pros and cons.

Lists you do that yeah I write down a pros and cons list towards the end I go is it worth it I think every Oh all relationships in life I like that even friendships.

Are like that you went down like is this person too much of a fucking leech in my life are they a good person or a bad person.

You you can you can forgive for a lot especially if you love someone or or what-have-you better but yeah that’s how I do it how do you do it how do I know when something should be over yeah uh well I mean one specific thing is coming to mind where I was I was with someone I was living with them and when I.

Would go to sleep crying and I would wake up with anxiety oh my god I’m also I.

Felt like this same relationship actually there was like a point where I was like hey I just need to know that like you want to be here doing this like I don’t like feel loved and when I realized I was asking to be loved like that’s that’s pretty bad have.

You ever dumped someone that you’re still in love with that’s a tricky one I did yeah I still love this person I wanted to desperately work out but I just.

See how it came no wait okay so I want to know scenarios like why why did you have to break up with them like what was the thing that wasn’t gonna make it work there’s things I’d rather not say but in case that person listens to the podcast bit they there was issues that I had with her that she said she was gonna.

Change and then she’d change for a week or two and then just back to the same you know like I’m not saying like like like she had to talk to me better and she got out of her cage too quickly I’m talking like this you know like you got like this particular person sort of like didn’t cheat on me.

But would emotionally cheat constantly was always like there was some guys that were hanging around and she couldn’t let go with that and then and then those.

Things there’s problems she had with me that like I was in trouble every time I went on the road to do gigs and I was like how am I in trouble for doing my fucking job and what’s that that that was after that relationship was when I decided that I needed someone.

With their own shit going on you can’t not have your own shit going on yeah because if you don’t have your own shit going on your our relationship becomes your occupation and that’s drama and this and that what are we doing when and the other thing and I need this and either it’s just like if you got your own stuff going on it’s.

Nice to be able to talk to another person about their day as well yeah you don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s happiness yeah some people like it this icy life asks I ghosted a woman yesterday because I felt all she wanted was a dinner.

She made the date three days before but didn’t want to talk or text before it was the first date is there an acceptable ghosting well I don’t get this.

This is what I’ve experienced with modern women that since students before I had the relationship with my ex what’s this year we’re going on a date I I always thought you had like five or six phone.

Calls for us to see if the conversation and flow before you go out never wants to just meet for a coffee and it’s like we have FaceTime and shit it’s this whole texting thing people are terrified to talk to you on the phone yeah it’s yeah yeah I don’t like that either I don’t like people’s fear of talking you know beforehand but what if.

We get together and now I’m fucking sitting there and you know let’s have a.

Chat on the phone and if all goes well have one FaceTime and then we’re gonna date them.

With the fucking balls already rolling no one’s nervous everything’s fine you’ve.