Jim Jefferies On "ghosted Hunters" Podcast

Already got it and then also you can bail very easily if the phone conversation goes badly or whatever you don’t fucking it’s easier.

Than leaving your date early but I they just know it was text and you’re like yes ik is texting a good gauge of chemistry with.

Someone I feel like I don’t and I feel like women think I’m a really old man but I go hey I’m just gonna ring you yeah I like the room gentlemanly it’s like how people used to date I’ve been infinite now it used to be when I broke up with girls when I was in my 20s you used to.

Be like how dare you just ring me up to break up with me how dare you not do this to me face to face now it’s like so I I broke up with a girl I was like just face to face it I hate somebody working out favor.

And she how dare you do this to my face you could have just text or something like that why don’t you have to go through this big ordeal and I’m like I always thought that was I didn’t want to do this I don’t want to fucking show up and watch you cry oh my gosh so what is it now I meant to text you is texting not good enough because it used to be ringing wasn’t good enough used to be.

Like ring you weren’t putting enough effort in now I feel like rings the sweetspot to break up yeah I think that’s the right way to do it I broke up with the last guy I was seeing for like two months in a text message.

Am i bad person yeah now I’m starting to think that maybe text message.

That because people don’t want to.

But else I mean it’s depends on you know thinking a pass or you I mean that guy probably deserved the tax he did snapchat oh my god that’s really funny photo like a dick it’s still a message that would disappear but how greats just send someone a photo of like someone disappearing or something like like like or like sending them like like boy simmons end of the road like something that says like that’s.

The best way to soften the blow it’s a funny breakup with my son’s mother who I’m still like really really good friends with and we knew that the relationship wasn’t working for about a year at the end I just bought another house what did you do that for I meant for you to live in it okay.

And high-five me really you guys knew that.

It was coming to an end and you just made it easier for her I still got along but the conversation just turns we just talked about outside we didn’t talk about anything else but we loved that kid we still do we loved that kids so much that it was it was a fun conversation to have.

With someone because that conversation now is because I I have on dates now where I’m like all right don’t charm pictures are you kid you know just because people act like they are happy to see pictures of your child and I always used to hate people.

To show pictures of I know but you say that but I’m like I don’t do that.

Because people will feign interest and it was good to have a person in your life where and where you both looked at pictures of.

His child and we’re not and really we’re excited generally both in the same level so yeah I mean he would not love pictures of your kid though he’s so sweet he is very sweet child very nice.