Jim Jefferies On "ghosted Hunters" Podcast

Yeah I can’t imagine someone being like oh this is annoying pictures or cat pictures like those that’s all I look at like I started on a date of your dog I do my phone I don’t show pictures of my cat usually because I I’m already really no that’s like the first thing I’m.

Like hey I’m marrying the best thing in my life right here that’s all you gotta know about me and you’ll be sad yeah they’ll be the worst thing in my life probably see the chances I before him and he’ll be sad so that’s alright you’ll die and you’ll be very depressed we know podcast that week jammer or we could do a very sad podcast that way she’s six years old she’s got oh my god no she’s got at least like another six years maybe no.

This excuse mine that’s the next.

Six years I’m predicting it you’ll probably have a child right within the next six years and then you’ll hate that dog why the bond that you have with the baby is so fucking strong oh yeah you all think that other dog the dog the dog.

Dog as soon as you hold the dog there’s some chemical thing released in yeah right where the dog will come up like that and you’ll get the fuck away from the baby.

What are you doing right dogs become these like fucking ugly stepkids wonder around the house crying I used to run this fucking place nor those same things happen time and time again to other people Oh baby I would love to have a dog but.

I feel like Bangka meaning you gotta have a dog because you know if you’re on the road a lot yeah well if you take the dog everywhere like Eliza no when I was on the road all.

The time I my dog live with my parents yeah so I like shipped her off yeah how about we buy a dog and.

You have it went like it just travels with the kid wherever the kid is the doggies like a security blanket that’s kind of cute and they can have like you know it’s that bond now she was not for it mmm I can’t have a dog I’ll figure out a way.

One of these days one of these days I’ll get it dug what kind of.

Dog would you get an Australian Shepherd no I like small to medium dogs I’m not a big dog person yeah.

I can do anything for I guess I’ll have it you out me I don’t give a fuck I’m Iranian but yeah that’s nothing in between yeah.

I like it I like it Doug that very little walking.

Like a backyard when you when.

You get a great when you get a great big dog and it’s like all right gotta take it for a ride yeah don’t get a husky they have a lot of energy yeah yeah I can restrain sort of we’re target dogs that she’s half Maltese half Yorkie yeah it’s good yoky a little thing that’s a nice dog she’s a good dog late hard dogs that she shouldn’t be too yappy no.

She’s not but she does bark for attention knowing like shakey dog I hate those shakey dogs that are always in someone’s purse and you know those shakey dog trousers shaky because the hats are too.

Big for their body so when the Bloods rushing around they’re like a.

Lot of blood going to my buddy man I didn’t is that true it is yes because that’s where they shakey.

They don’t nervous yeah the frames.