Jim Jefferies On "ghosted Hunters" Podcast

Are so little is the same like a little bird would be shaking so fucking ah alright last question before.

We let Jim go have you guys ever dated someone where you met their pet and it was a deal-breaker mm no really I was in joy when the new girl has an animal because then I got a temporary pet for a bit yeah I write you Ariel I dated a guy who was obsessed with his dog in a weird way like where he wouldn’t want to be away from the house.

More than four hours yeah I’ve been through that we have to get back before suchan’s yeah such as such we’ll be worried it’s like this dog will live in your house for two weeks after you’re dead like we’re going away for the weekend and just leaving the fucking dog I’m talking about you go out it seeks and then you’re getting back at like they go well you have to be back before.

Midnight the dog will be right you like the dog will be fine it’s Who I am it’s fine you left food out and the very worst you have to clean up a shit or something it’s gonna be fine the dog is sitting up waiting for you like where were you yeah staring out the window dog runs your schedule I used to like that dog more when she wasn’t with her right just.

You and the dogs are dogs set the.

Dog and it was a completely different animal I feel like she’s distressed the dog out because she was always like what are you what are you gonna do whatever the dog was like that and then when the dog was just with me the dog.

Got in my groove and just laid on the couch and was like yeah all right it’s light on my chest and she send me picture the dog is done fine then it’s in a picture of it like sleeping on my feet she never does that with me I’m like yeah you upset the dog we have a dog in this office my assistant has a dog that I’m very fond.

Of Lola she’s so sweet I’m with Lola is she’s the exact same color as his couch so much to jump up into the couches oh she doesn’t though yeah my son my son likes Lori’s a little bit yeah that dog’s lovely it’s very calming a very calming around the office we have four or five dogs in the office Wow it’s fun to have an office pet.

Like it’s a good distraction yeah building says we’re meant to have dogs in here but I have it I have an open dog policy at work I should have brought ripken I mean they’re all emotional support dogs they can all wear that we did a thing on the emotional support islands William we we qualified.

An emotional support kennel you still you own that camel we don’t own the camel but I can get that camel at any stage and I’m allowed to walk it.

Around the streets of LA just with no one bothering me did you ride it I did write it yeah yeah it was it was it was a massive camel it was it was funny like like I said to one on the camera and I said ah bitch it’s not.

Every day you film a camel like when the older camera me you guys I filmed this camel seven times this is the gun this is a go to Hollywood cam one rings up and.

Goes I need a camel for a sketch or something this is this camels very TV very popular accomplished that camel has.

More I own TV credits than I do we’ll be in the memoriam at the Oscars oh my god Hollywood forever they’ll do like a wax figure a wax camel camel I put its feet in the Chinese Theater people.