Pop Craft Expectations Vs Reality – Goals – New Year's Resolutions!

If decorations put up a Christmas tree buy presents a lot of work goes into they are so excited and we have all these high hopes then Christmas comes and what happens we open present and then we’re happy yeah until you realize it’s over two three months when people this is going but you have to wait an entire year.

Again my life’s a mess Christmas is over school starts oh did I hate it I have no friends no boyfriend Oh Smith look it’s a new year tomorrow make some goals for yourself it’s a perfect.

Time for change start walking out get a boyfriend study eat healthy make this a perfect gift and so I step in the New Year with sparkles in our.

Eyes and full of high hopes oh my god I’m so excited ten seconds into my new life but what really happens after New Year here are my typical New Year’s resolutions and how they end up waking up early if I.

Wake up early and do so many things before the day even start I can be so much more productive I will start my days all happy and positive day.

One we chew so strong the world is relentless he.

Won’t sleep it hard sovereign Jitsu knees confess they to you do you know why is it so difficult to wake up early why because I always go to bed too late this is how my energy level looks during the day I believe it’ll help the in the New Year no more junk food I’m going to treat my body well I’m only gonna need healthy nutritious food vitamins fiber.

Omega-3 we’re gonna be BFFs they want day two I’m so sick.

Of this day three I guess we’re just meant to be saving money life isn’t easy this day really my grandma says the opposite don’t listen to her every two months there’s new.

Smartphones tablet things you absolutely need to have laces you totally need to this but you’re broke so what do you do ask mom forget that she’s gonna say oh darling you don’t need these things well now is you don’t you just don’t bother so what do you do save money.

Starts promising but ends up quickly but the worst is that you still say I got absolutely nothing to.

Wear working up especially if you visit your mom or your grandma you put up a few kilos over the holidays you’re so skinny luckily I need you know things I ate before I came here maybe later your favorite just the time we became.

Tiny I’m trying to eat healthy doesn’t matter how much you weigh toned bodies are eight boys girls.

We all gotta have muscles Oh everyone around us is working out so it’s time to join the track week one quick – time to do the workout Siri what’s the temperature outside it’s one degrees Celsius outside that’s.

Way too cold to go out story of my life study you’re always studying like crazy one day before the exam no sleep you know just studying to death and you say to yourself.

Next year I’m gonna study regularly from the beginning of the school year oh you’re kidding nobody this is gonna be me who are you kidding nobody this is gonna be me today I love comfy comfy clothes are not always the most chic and fierce we see all the amazing outfits on Instagram and blogs where girls seem to live that glam Hollywood life and we want that life to go every year I say our.

Flannels nor hoodies then girls dressed like a lady so I tried and I forget.