Pop Craft Expectations Vs Reality – Goals – New Year's Resolutions!

That I live in Norway so the next day back to you were organized when my.

Room is a mess I feel like my life is a mess too so I like to tidy and clean my room once to be every.

Saturday you’re going on good job I don’t know why out of the seven.

Never miss id only that one day unsoldered so I always say to myself this year I’ll keep my room clean every day for Saturday morning in the year I start cleaning my room and I think now on I will make my bed every day no piles of clothes on the floor when.

I stop using something I will put it right back on its place a few hours later I love my clean room hi cinema tonight okay pick me up in 15 minutes yeah I never forget a happy relationship but I guess we’ve all been there.

At some point you have a crush exacting like a real fool and you don’t know where you stop it together no yes squishy that I forget it so when the new receive your decide that’s it I’m done I’m gonna do what I should have.

Long ago move on I mean what was I thinking a few minutes after midnight oh my god he loves me and there was a kiss oh no I’m so.

Sorry I’m so sorry oh there we go again you’re spontaneous as we stop in the new year I like to reflect on the things that have happened in the past 12 month what memories have I made that I can take with me for life how many crazy parties when you eat breakfast in last night’s dress how many unforgettable road trips with best friends how many evenings in bed eating popcorn and watching Netflix if you think of it that way so you decide.

To change that next year I’m gonna be adventurous I don’t go all out I’m making friends and I’m just trying new.

Things yes hi party tonight no why tonight I really want to watch the last episode of Vikings and if I go out I have to make up and dress out yeah I’m here you know I’m writing an essay right now yeah I have it until tomorrow I know it sucks okay have fun yeah bye I can go off next time in the world.
Of all these smartphones tablets and.

Social media I feel like we need to be informed about absolutely everything our friend’s boyfriend Taylor Swift’s are a beauty corner all right so we spent hours crawling Facebook and and we forget to.

Take time for our friends in real life you know.

Actually talking not sending snapchat yeah let’s change the spending time with friends is always so much fun we can tell stories play board games I’m gonna invite my friends over hi so good to see you come in hello thanks for.

Having us one hour later shall we play some board games Oh quark whatever what are your resolutions this year let me know down below my knees upload.

Frequently do you like that hope you guys like the video don’t forget to give it some love and subscribe if you’re new to my channel thank you so much for watching I wish you all the best in the new year and I’ll talk to you.

Soon bye people cables and lt difficult PAH sweet it’s a new year tomorrow make some goals for yourself it’s a.