Google Chrome | About:flags | Secret Setting Menu | Disable Autoplay

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this video on Google Chrome’s secret configuration menu about : flags to access this menu I’m going to type your slot in the address bar so about call on flags and then press return on the keyboard as you can see at the very top of the page it says experiments warning experimental features.

Oh sounds interesting by enabling these features you could lose browser data or compromised your security and privacy enabled features apply to all users of this browser and then it says interested in cool new chrome features try our beta Channel so as you can see we’ve got two.

Columns we’ve got available and unavailable so available with all the current cool features that you can enable and disable in the browser and then unavailable all the features that I assume and just available on the beta.

Release to disable autoplay in Google Chrome I am first going to.

Click in the search flags box at the top then I am going to type autoplay policy as you can see after clear policies at the top of the list and it is currently set at default but I need.

To change it in order to disable it so I’m.

Going to click on the little.

Down arrow as you can see now I am fairly stiffer –nt options the option I would like is document user activation is required so once this is enabled every time I go onto YouTube I’ll.

Press the play button in order for the video to start playing so I’m now going to demonstrate that by first clicking relaunch now with your relaunch Chrome now that Chrome has.

Been relaunched I’m now going to go onto YouTube and show you that the autoplay feature has been disabled as you can see Google Chrome has now disabled.

Autoplay and that concludes my video on Google Chrome’s secret settings menu about column flags if you found this video useful please don’t forget to.

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32 Secret Combinations On Your Keyboard

Different windows versions in Windows 7 and Vista it brings all the gadgets to the foreground that are in process at the moment in Windows 10 it opens the game bar you want to play now you know how to do it quickly combination number 11 press win + K Keys it will open a new start menu connections in Windows.

If you want to change the user or lock the workstation quickly then use combination number 11 just press win key followed by L for love and it will.

Do it for you don’t you just love it another hot key combination that you’re just going to use every day for sure combination number 13 Keys win and M minimizes all windows it’s very handy combination number 14 will restore the last.

Minimize window just press these three keys when Shift + M and here you are combination number 15 of keys win + o pressed together will lock your device orientation and will disable the gyroscope function on tablets combination number 60 do you use any internal monitor or projector then press.

Win key followed by P key and it will switch operating modes it only works for Windows 7 and newer what’s next are you searching for something inside your computer then use combination number 17 of keys win + Q it will open search charm for all installed.

8 and newer combination number 18 will open the run dialog box for you just.

Press win key + r and then choose a program or application you want to run combination number 19 Keys win and T will switch focus to the taskbar it only works in Windows 7 and newer U stands for utility so combination number 20 of the keys.

Win and you will open the utility manager for do you need to work with notes or screenshots press win key and W and it will open windows Inc workspace very handy combination 22 win key followed by X will open the Windows Mobile Application Center this works only for.

Mobile computers in Windows Vista and 7 and the last combination for Windows win key and Y will start Yahoo Messenger for you if installed of course woohoo we are done with Windows keyboard are you Mac.

User still with us raise your hands Wow look.

At the hands okay it’s your turn here are nine powerful combinations that you’re gonna love let’s begin surfing through websites press command key.

Together with up arrow and it will immediately scroll to the top of any webpage however if you want to go down press command key followed by down arrow and you will be at the bottom of the webpage combination three will help you cycle through misspelled words in.

Any open document just press command and semicolon and here you go command key followed by one or two or three.

Will conveniently cycle through any open.

Tabs you have in your browser command plus one will take you to the first tab command plus two will take you to the second and so on easy isn’t it combination number five of keys option and delete this handy keyboard shortcut will delete one word at a time as opposed to one letter at a time this works all across oh s X whether you’re typing in TextEdit or even when typing a website into your browser’s URL bar combination number six do you.

Want to hide all open windows from the currently active app quickly just press command key followed by.

Maciej Jadach – Visual Regression Testing Using Browserstack (quality Questions #1 Meetup)

Okay thank you for joining us today my name is Magic yeah doc I’m working in Grand Parade since November 2017 I work in sports channel which is responsible for bookmaker platform today in my presentation I want to tell you more about sorry thanks I want to tell you more about the visual regression itself and browserstack tool and how.

To improve those tests so let’s start it from beginning it is quick agenda we.

Will just quick overview about the visual regression testing then about the browserstack tools quick demo of using it combined together and then some of the company use cases okay so at the beginning I will explain short words.

What the visual regression testing is there’s a lot of tools optimization tools of how the tossed words test software behaves but sometimes we need we need the automation to to check how.

The software looks so this is the this is the word the visual regression came in in simple words the visual regression perform users user interface screenshot comparison you captured the you capture the screenshot and then compare is today to the baseline and on the output you you have the third image if with differences its.

Icon on the graph so with the first run of the of the VR test will call we are tests for shortcut the visual questions so there is no reference screenshots so the test will pass and the current screenshot will be marked as their reference one and if the framework will find the reference screenshot it will make the image comparison of it and it depends on the options you choose.

It the test will fail or will pass so okay let’s go to another one yeah so so yeah the efficient tools provide as I mentioned before the image comparison which is the output of our tests so the under there is a lot of image image processing libraries such as reassemble that J has images magic or Python image library and yeah like to take a look at our example we have two version of footer and the question is how fast will.

You spot the difference between between these two two version or ask yourself how many assertion it would need to cover the all the elements on the this footer to make it is rendered properly so as I said before the third image the difference the difference between one and the second image give us on the output the third image caused if image and it looks like it’s it’s with I’m sorry is in magenta color we have highlighted.

The changes from the second from the current compared to baseline we have the paper icon missing the 18 plus icon missing the last paragraph is missing so we can can spot the difference in the whole layer than the composition on the.

The typos in about the William Hill information on the left sides and we have one dynamic element the clock remember that we will get back to it later on yes so it is of most people.

Are frameworks available for visual regression testing the order is random there is why for.

Backstop Jays gull and gemiini phantom CSS and there is also the WD of visual revolution service it’s the webdriver IO plug-in of course there is there is the web web services providing the same functionality like screener data or person that IO the last one is bolded because this framework we will we will use in our presentation okay so this is the technology stack we will work on in this presentation on the top.

Is webdriver binding for the node.

js for the JavaScript personally I will like it it has a lot of extensions a lot of plugins synchronous synchronous comment on link it is very handy if you switch from the to javascript and.

Don’t understand the synchronous properly so yeah that’s good and as we speak about the extensions and the integration I’ve listed two of them which we will use the visual regression service is the part it’s a plugin which takes the responsible for taking screenshot and compare compare comparison of.

Images and the browserstack service it’s kind of proxy which connect our test runner to the browser.

So let’s get a quick of pros of visual challenges with visual relation testing as.

We have in our example at the beginning in the footer the single test can cover multiple checks on there on the page on or on the UI elements like checking.

For labels font types images icons and everything which shows on the UI has the UI components.

We can compare the UI components in different browsers for example by using browser stacks it gives us the more value to the functional test we that’s what we choose webdriver yo it’s bending for webdiver Jaso for the functional tests we can easily adapt it to the visual regulation we can check how the software looks as we mentioned before and in overall it improve.

Product quality and user experience so let’s go to the challenges the the important thing is that the screen based visual recognition testing can only work when.

The UI components are predictable we when we have the multiple UI components we need to exclude them from testing we tagged the fly like the clog in our footer example there was dynamic elements which shows the current date every time you turn the page on let’s painful challenge but still is maintaining the reference screenshots usually usually you will keep this reference screenshot in.

Your code base or even in the different repository but still this is the only part which you need to do manually for for exchanging the the baseline the baseline screenshot if the changes are intended there is a web service called spectra.

Which could take care of it well I hope you can note it down and checking home yeah so sometimes or even or even often we we need to exclude some elements from from the our visual regression tests or some workarounds for special cases.

Like like ignore comparison it’s you can omit the anti-icing and different utilizing all colors we can have the mismatch tolerance.

Which is the percentages of difference which will be accepted by the tests to fail or not and the most common one it’s just to omit some elements it’s in most cases is just applying the CSS rules to them one is hide which is high which is hide by applying the visibility hidden or opacity zero or remove to just give.

Us the display no we need to remember to run the visual regression tests in the same isolated environments because browsers will render each element differently on each display so we need to use.

Some kind of excuse well fine but for beating browser’s headless mode so that’s that’s the anti I think that’s the ignore caminar comparison tell icing.

For because sometimes on different screens we have DIF different fonts or something like that okay so what’s believe that w do visual regression service we have two options for choosing the image.

Processing library here by default this is the reassemble J’s to be strict II it’s some kind of modification called node reassemble the normal reassemble Jas is image processing library written in JavaScript.

And the second one is graphics magic magic as the owners of application called this as Swiss Army knife or image processing its native programs so as.

You can guess if you want the performance we should choose these second options this is simply configuration for that we only need two to make it under me only.

Need to add the program to the system path and visual regression service will take care of it so I think it’s not a nice place to prepare the the conversation for our.

Tests okay for those who don’t know how.

What is the processor stack it’s a cloud-based cloud-based cross person.

Testing tool which allowed us to test web application on different browsers and different operating systems and every combination of it it also allowed us to do testing rough sauce on real mobile devices as well you can to choose Android iOS Windows you know even Windows for.

Me we have two options to testing it we have the manual you can test it manually or we can automate automate the process using the remote webdriver so it’s just so you think so the visual library is provided for every every languages which is being used in testing ok this is how it looks like the main product of.

Browser stack I mentioned before the life is purely for.

The manually testing which is open the browser’s in the certain device or operating system there’s a lot of options the browser stack at first sight.

Itself as they have 1,200 combination or something like that I’ve never checked that we need to believe them this is the ultimate this is this world will interest us the.

Most this is just there this is just the quick overview about our build our build will be our test run so we have the we have.

The overlook of the created session of the created browser session with operating system and browsers and versions in the details view we can get get to the more details we have some nice debugging features like recording the video or some network blacks or text lags from the remote webdriver command executions sometimes.

It is it slows down the execution so we can turn it off easily for example the video we don’t need it always so yeah that’s fine ok so using browser start without being able to run tests locally would be by useless because worrying about the pre-production environments or something around locally on your machine you can obviously you can get you.

Can get access from the browser stack servers to your inner network and the power problem is solved by some something called two local testing which is described by the browser stack.

Tech Tip: Cookies On Your Browser

You know those pop-ups you get when you visit a website and they’re notifying you that they use cookies and asking you to accept what is a cookie anyway make sure you be worried about them slowing down your computer how’s it going very important people are you ready for another tech tip a cookie is a term that is used.

Information that is sent from your browser to the websites that you visit while you’re surfing the web so those ads you get for items that you just search for those are powered by cookies cookies just allow for a.

More personalized experience while you’re on the web so I know you’re probably thinking wait does this mean that I’m being tracked well to a certain extent yes while cookies are not intended to be malicious there have been cases of them being misused.

Mostly just for annoying advertisements which really doesn’t come as a surprise so what do you do if you’re not ok with cookies well I’ve included links in the description below to instructions for clearing out cookies from your browser because the process varies.

A little bit from browser to browser but if you’re really skeptical about cookies and you want to end their reign of terror then I would suggest switching browsers to one that doesn’t track you doc Duck Go.

Is currently the only one that I know of that will not track you or save your information or allow cookies and that’s the default setting for that browser so you may be wondering what will happen if you clear out all of your cookies well honestly not much you’ll.

Get a much less personalized ad experience while you’re surfing the web and you’ll also have to log back into your accounts that your browser generally remembers for you and your Google searches may take longer because Google won’t be making suggestions based on your browser yes so to wrap.

It all up cookies are not dangerous and you don’t have to clear them out of your browser unless you just.

Really want to or if your computer seems to be running really slowly and you’re going through the checklist of what to do to make it run faster by all means clear out those.

Cookies and see if it helps shout out to my mom for suggesting this topic if you liked this video or you like your mom please give it a thumbs up and if you have any questions or suggestions for tech tips feel free to drop those in the.

Comments below thank you for watching.


Part# 5 Browsers Yog Dab Tsi? (what Are Browsers?)

Jojo and satiny de portago channel PC uni you know acoustic Anita on an internet browser panel new browser a lot of halle-loo browse nano halle-loo browse title at the human so shy iachino callaloo browser chateau de venir con quoi 80 news shy so here you are yah-tchi no no I thought a browser game window hot again the she.

Be you can hide you nice game which was Tata Appa browser in the Nazi elite II who are Google Chrome and I had a chrome see at Oh patty on Yamaha Microsoft edge Lani Moo who are aged Serrato tanuki Microsoft Mahalo who Internet Explorer – she told what the Windows 10 party limo Cana where Jean Jean come.

Up oh who Microsoft edge Lanham oh it’s like your browser no long thing delaying Joan means you at them when your browser and other she like what authority idea you won’t be too occasion eh a little if I sit here.

She take him because the multi-kill changing total commodity the younger telemedicine via cheeky little changing things on deluding measured well they do one with also Townsend warm flat they don’t want they do not call a lot I came to do one not made here Parker orthogonal see you can browse annoying I’m John Jonah.

Yeah little browser not on memory and all game okay computer Mustang GT they looking John they glue mucho door they’ll.

Get the lumo the ganya kumquat Yoho Montecito delicacy at the end so the electronic a team Kakashi Looney apotheca delicacy at them you can yellow browser to change if she.

Knows the deal taken criminal Microsoft edge Tata nice shine to her name is it’s a unibrow Suriname community channel tonight he can you know he can attest only.

Pollen internet web page conditional.

Yahoo on a web page we’re gonna let the WWE you know Janine the owner Internet address and so titled Anya and WWE Jana address – yahoo name so trainin donut our game in Dona Joana tacky sauna 31 Johanna webpage panorama Kahuna so naughty on a webpage Keanu so doc here need one not shown into him Union though Sonam addressed a key party Rania webpage that one so beat Segundo YouTube and you’re gonna enter get you to that one can we talk James your nipple they.

com/weiutv webpage that wanna so ginger mom so not gonna enter s not on the Internet address endo.

Tonya panettone your Anya Internet web page what wha Hana chromakey Tia Tia come on de Arte Sherlock Anita – Anita get on your Google web page there you’re going don’t you 2010 Jenny party you know you too honey internet.

Address that game you too honey webpage on tattwa dr.

Search law you to assert your knowledge in don’t really touch upon the webpage takeover browser so so children elegant yet they’re the bonus searched or not they wanna address Daschle know so don’t John – Denise immunity if I address the YouTube law in.

Yahoo Hotmail and Gmail getting da cunha addressed or Phnom Penh dokie find resting WW.

Dot the company numbe they told ya dot or gotcha Liam for example on your pizza Grubin gig not there you’re gonna photo tell Luke company yeah Alaska USA oh look completely you know organization so Argento org and total organization so ok they’re gonna.

Be um second deported Lunia Internet a human Johanna Johanna Lunia dot org Tiago doc do you know dot company okay games are.

Not unipampa sheets afonya internet browser to Sheila Katya you need a video not game bar subscribe lukovitch Adam Goethe Novato videos Anansi.

How To Auto Shutdown The Computer (or Firefox) After Downloads Complete

How To Auto Shutdown The Computer (or Firefox) after Downloads Complete firefox logoI am a download junkie. I have to schedule downloads to start late at night (because of the Internet Plan). So, naturally I am a huge fan of any auto shutdown software that has the ability to shutdown the computer once the downloads are complete.

Most download managers have it, µtorrent has it and they are perfect for my need. There has always been a great void in this setup due to Firefox. Many a time, I have files downloading in Firefox but no way to auto-shutdown the computer. Some time back, I hacked together an auto script that would sit there and wait for the Firefox’s ‘Downloads finished’ notification to appear, it would then close Firefox and shutdown the computer. Lame I know, but it did the trick.

Recently, however, I found an excellent addon that lets you do schedule auto shutdowns in Firefox and a whole lot more, its (aptly) called Auto-Shutdown. The addon is auto shutdown software that provides you with a number of options to perform precisely the action you want once the downloads have completed. You can play sounds, clear downloads, shutdown, logoff, restart your computer or run any command or multiple commands through a script.

Auto Shutdown is available at AMO, it works with Firefox version 3 and upwards. Once installed, the auto shutdown software will add a power icon to the status bar. You can remove the icon if you desire, however it provides quick access to its options and can be used to enable auto-shutdown in a flash.

How To Auto Shutdown The Computer (or Firefox) after Downloads Complete iconsettings

You can use the built-in commands for basic needs like shutdown, hibernate, stand by, etc. There are different versions of these commands for different version of Windows and Linux and Mac.

How To Auto Shutdown The Computer (or Firefox) after Downloads Complete bicommands

Apart from the built-in commands you can do almost anything with Auto Shutdown. You can run any JavaScript code or any external application when the downloads finish or when the computer is idle while Firefox is downloading the files. To run custom commands or JavaScript code:

  • Go to the Customize tab within Auto Shutdown settings.
  • Type in your code in the lower text area surrounded by <javaScript> </javaScript> tags or <shell> </shell> tags depending on what you are planning to achieve.

How To Auto Shutdown The Computer (or Firefox) after Downloads Complete typein

  • Click Save As and assign the script to User Command 1 or User Command 2

How To Auto Shutdown The Computer (or Firefox) after Downloads Complete saveas

  • Choose User Command 1 or User Command 2 from Adjust shutdown Command drop down list towards the top.

How To Auto Shutdown The Computer (or Firefox) after Downloads Complete usercommand1

You can easily pass arguments to external applications and Auto Shutdown also provides you with certain reserved words that can be used in your scripts to refer to special locations and files. %sysRoot%, for example, refers to the Windows/system32 directory and %WinD refers to the Windows directory. The complete list is available here.

How To Auto Shutdown The Computer (or Firefox) after Downloads Complete reservedwords

You can also choose the amount of time Auto Shutdown waits before executing the commands after the downloads have finished. Auto Shutdown will display a countdown for that specified time, allowing you to save any work if you have been working along or cancel the download altogether. You can force Firefox to exit when the command is eventually triggered and choose to restore the session, the next time Firefox is started. If you use DownThemAll, Auto Shutdown has you covered and can monitor DownThemAll as well.

How To Auto Shutdown The Computer (or Firefox) after Downloads Complete options1

Auto Shutdown is a dream come true if you ever leave the computer running only to let the downloads complete. With Auto Shutdown, you can now automatically close the browser or shutdown the system when downloads complete. Give it a spin and let us know what you like or dislike.

Do you have some clever ways of your own to automatically shutdown the computer after downloads complete? Let us know in the comments.

How To Save Safari Downloads To The Cloud Automatically

Your Safari downloads are automatically saved to a local folder on your Mac. If you’d like to have them saved to Dropbox or any other cloud storage service instead, it’s easy to do with a tiny tweak from Safari’s settings.

With your browser open, click on Safari > Preferences to bring up the Preferences dialog. In the General tab, which you should see by default, look for this option: File download location. The dropdown next to it will point to a local folder named Downloads.

Click on the dropdown and you’ll see an option called Other… which allows you to assign a custom location to save downloaded files.

Now let’s say that you’re using Dropbox. In that case navigate to the Dropbox folder on your computer and from there assign an existing or a new folder of your choice to store downloads. Of course, you can choose any other folder on your computer as the default location for downloads.


And now you can close Safari preferences and get back to browsing. Note that only going forward the downloaded files will get saved to the new location you specified. You’ll have to move the older ones manually.

Also, you can force Safari to ask you where to save each file before downloading by selecting Ask for each download instead of Other… in the File download location dropdown.

Do you sync downloaded files to a cloud storage service? Or do you prefer to save them locally and clear them out every now and then?

Image Credit: Cloud computing laptop by belekekin via Shutterstock

Best Of Both Worlds: How To Dress Firefox In Chrome Clothing

Answer quickly: which is better, Firefox or Chrome?

Some of you may have a quick answer, but many others don’t. Why? Because browsers keep changing, computers keep changing, and most importantly, our needs keep changing. Since Chrome first came out 5  years ago, I’ve been going back and forth between browsers, changing my favorite at least once a year. And that’s not even counting Opera, Safari, and the rest. How many times have you changed your default browser in the past several years?

It seems that every time we finally settle on one, the other releases an awesome new feature, and every time we go after that feature, we’re reminded of how much we actually liked the looks of the old one. You simply can’t win. Unless, of course, you decide to combine the two into one.

Fox In Chrome Clothing

While there are several ways to do this, the one I will show you today is laughably simple. It’s called FXChrome, and it’s a regular Firefox theme. Just like any other Firefox add-on, all you have to do is install it, restart your browser, and behold the magic.

Right now, your Firefox window is probably looking something like this:


The sharp-angled tabs, the colors, the ugly orange button.. all these may be getting on your nerves, especially if you got used to Chrome. FXChrome changes all that, and more.

Here is what the same window looks like, this time with FXChrome enabled.


The change is immediately noticeable. Not only are the tabs, colors, and buttons different, FXChrome manages to make everything seem neater and more tightly packed into the toolbars. The orange button is nowhere to be seen, replaced with a nice-looking and minimalistic Firefox logo.

You may not notice at first, but it’s more than the obvious things that change. The transformation goes all the way down to the color and font of Web addresses, and the color and shape of website certificates.


Even tiny things like the new tab button and the tabs’ close button change to look exactly like they do in Chrome.


You’re probably asking yourself, what’s this ugly gap between the tabs and the toolbar below them? Don’t worry, most chances you won’t have this on your system, unless, like me, you decided to tinker with your browser and manually change your tab height.

If you’ve never messed with these things you can safely ignore the gap and look at the bigger picture. It’s all those little Chrome flavors right inside your Firefox browser!

What About That Pesky Firefox Button?

I feel your pain. A while ago (right after my last traumatic switch from Chrome back to Firefox), I told you about 3 Firefox add-ons that help you get your favorite Chrome features. One of these, Moveable Firefox Button, is very useful even today. Install it.

While FXChrome gets rid of the annoying orange button for you, it’s still stuck way up there on the top left corner. With Movable Firefox Button, you can move the menu button to its proper place on the right.


So now it’s in its right spot, but it still looks nothing like Chrome. If that’s an issue for you, you can install the FXChrome App Button userstyle which will turn the Firefox button into the same button you see in Chrome. In order to do this, you’ll need Movable Firefox Button installed, as well as another add-on called Stylish.

There are endless things you can do with Stylish, and you an read all about them in our full Stylish review. For this, however, all you have to do is click “Install with Stylish” on the userstyle page. The immediate result will be this:


Isn’t it awesome?

Can I Do Even More?

With a flexible platform such as Firefox, you can always do more. In fact, FXChrome is just a collection of userstyles packed into one theme. You can find more userstyles right on the add-on page, and there are bound to be more out there that can help you reach the perfect result.

Are you ready to dress Firefox like Chrome? Or perhaps you wish to dress Chrome like Firefox? Do you know other dress-up options worth knowing about? Tell us in the comments!

Firefox 28 Brings Better Html5, Web Notifications For Os X & Pulls Metro Support

Mozilla has launched the latest version of its popular Firefox browser across desktop platforms as well as Android. There’s good news for those who care about HTML5 support, Mac users get a neat little feature, and Windows 8 users are in for some disappointment. Let’s dive in.

HTML5 is set to change the way you browse the internet and Mozilla is making sure its users aren’t left behind. The new Firefox 28 comes with VP9 Decoding and Opus Support in WebM—two standards that are used in HTML5 multimedia for video and audio respectively. What this means for you is that HTML5 video and audio will be compatible with standards used widely in the industry. This support is for both desktop and Android.

Another addition on the HTML5 front is the inclusion of volume controls for both audio and video. Again, this is for both desktop and Android versions of Firefox 28.


Mac users will be happy to note that the new browser plays nicely with the Notification Center to give you any web notifications in that single space. We recommend you couple it with some of these great tips to maximize your OS X Notification Center.

Mozilla has pulled support for the Metro version of their browser with this release, so Windows 8 users can only get the app in the Desktop mode. In a blog post, the company cited low adoption of the platform as a reason for this move.

You can check out the full changelogs for the desktop browser and the Android browser for more details. And of course, Mozilla Firefox remains a free download and we have a full guide to tackle Firefox.

Source: The Next Web, CNET, Mozilla blog | Image Credit: Håkan Dahlström

Print Or Pdf With Cleanprint: Select Which Parts Of A Webpage You Want Printed [chrome]

There are many times when you might want to print out the content that is present on a website. For this, you simply access your browser’s Print options and print out the webpage as it is. Unfortunately, most webpages have a lot of stuff besides the content that you really want. For example, if you want to print out a paragraph, you have no option but to download all the images on that webpage as well.

Needless to say, printing those graphics takes a toll on your printer’s ink cartridge. It’s better instead to have a way that helps to save your printer’s ink by letting you print only the content you want. Here to do precisely that is the user-friendly browser tool called Print or PDF with CleanPrint.

print or pdf with clean print

Print or PDF with CleanPrint is a browser tool that comes in the form of an extension for the Google Chrome web browser. After you install this extension, you will find a new icon placed in the address bar of your browser. Whenever you are on a webpage, clicking this icon will optimize that webpage for printing.

After this initial optimization, you can selectively exclude items from the final print easily because different sections are individual detected. Options to remove images, reduce or increase font size, and utilize less printer ink are present in this interface.

print or pdf with clean print

The left pane will display options to print the result, send it to one of your cloud account, save it locally as a PDF or text file, or directly email it to a friend.


  • A user friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you optimize webpages for printing.
  • Lets you select with sections of a webpage you want to print.
  • Can print your selected sections, convert them to PDF and text files, and upload them to a cloud account.

Check out “Print or PDF with CleanPrint” @