2017 Hollywood Film Awards | Red Carpet | Celeb Secrets

Hey celeb secrets Ally read here on the red carpet of the Hollywood Film Awards in Los Angeles get ready because tonight officially marks the start to award season so tonight you are being honored for supporting actor it’s right how does it feel to be an award show like the Hollywood film awards to kick off award season very exciting.
Yeah it’s really good I feel it’s just thrilling.

Movies getting this much attention and the actors are getting attention it’s really exciting tell me about the film and just how your real life is being portrayed in this movie what we wrote it because we thought it was an interesting story and we knew nobody else had this story because the story.

Is so specific and weird if we didn’t write this movie it wouldn’t exist.

So we thought we’d read it we were like we want to see this movie and the only way we could see it is if we make it so let’s see if we can make it so you are honored tonight for breakthrough after that’s a huge deal especially because this is.

The beginning of award season what does that mean to you it’s it’s very overwhelming it’s a great honor and and any sort of encouragement as a young artist at a young age is is well received what amount of hard work goes into making a film of.

This caliber there’s a lot of effort that goes into a film like this because we’re getting honored for work for the Planet of the Apes and for us this is the third film in a trilogy and the stories have been something we’ve lived and grown with for the past six years and.

To see this recognition come for this film it’s just really a nice feeling that you know the characters and the story that we were trying to hell is kind of resonating with people I just want people to go see it and enjoy it it’s it’s it that.

Everyone will think they’re coming to see.

A biopic and it’s not it sort of blows that forum up and shakes it.

Up and rattles you it’s pretty it’s pretty thrilling ride what does it mean to you guys to be representing another Pixar film here tonight at the Hollywood Film Awards well it’s a huge honor you know we don’t make our films to try to win awards but when groups choose to give us awards it’s lovely because it just tells us that the stories that we’re telling are affecting people and I do believe is going to translate very.

Well across the world it’s a tradition that is about family it’s about joy and optimism and this connection that you can have even past death if you keep your loved ones stories in your heart what is it like seeing other people on the industry here tonight the thing is.

That as a filmmaker I always feel like alone in my corner if I mean you know you or not you don’t and the good thing about those events is that I can meet my colleagues other directors not refer editors actors that I.

Don’t have the chance to meet moving forward what do you hope to see with Blade Runner with these other award shows do you hope that it’s.
Recognized just as well as it is here of course because we all worked.

So hard and the same time it’s a strange thing to be in competition with other artists but at the end of the day if I I speak for my a for my just my ego yes I hope and there’s nothing more fun than to be in a party with our isn’t for so today he’s gonna be.

Filmed and that is a wrap here on the red carpet of the Hollywood Film Awards here.

At the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles we look forward to seeing what the latest Hollywood’s hottest films are gonna be like for the rest of 2017 and into 2018 for a celeb secrets I’m Ali Reed catch you next time.

The Real Host Jeannie Mai Gets Real About Facing Body Shaming And Loving Her Curves

So, now this is the one I really wanna talk about.
(laughter) ‘Cause Jeannie, you know how everybody, that old expression, “You can never be too rich and too thin”? (laughter) You literally felt like you were too, not necessarily thin, but too fragile, kind of.

You went to do the opposite of what most women do.

In fashion, and always being around style, you think you, I started to believe.
That I had to – That mentality.

So I stayed at a hundred pounds, you guys.
And I realized that in order to stay there, I was over controlling with my diet, to say I wouldn’t eat past seven, I never touched a carb for 10 years.

If I ate bread – I would be the angriest person.

Yes, she is naturally so disciplined. But then I watched, on our show, The Real.

I watched an episode of myself when I was making.

Fun of my own butt and my own legs. I was calling myself names to just make up for the things I didn’t have. And I realized that I was body-shaming myself. I was doing what we shouldn’t be doing to myself. So that, and then also going through a divorce right now, I realized that I needed to feel stronger, because I started to realize that my weight made me feel fragile and.

Weak and that anything could knock me over. But you look great, I mean very fit, very thin. Doesn’t that help you mentally? Your mental well-being changes, right? I.

Realized that when you feel strong, you feel sexy.

Lot of severe diets, is that it changes people mentally. You know, I think that if you go to.

Any extreme in life, any 100% I’m never.

Doing this or that, there’s always a backlash for that. But I have to give her credit, because.

As she was, she’s so disciplined and she’s so good, that she was always encouraging to me, which made me start the Loni Lost Challenge. Today I’ve lost up to 40 pounds, so. (cheers and applause) We’re still going. (cheers and applause) (chimes).

Reviewing Celebs Halloween Costumes 2018

Today it is the and Halloween was recently sir I decided that I was going to make a video about reviewing like the best celebrity Halloween costumes because I saw some really good runs over on Instagram and yeah so I’m just going to review them so the first one of course I have to do is Kylie gel because I.

Really I love this costume I thought it was really really cool like and especially how they edited the further because obviously have photos shot like quality on Instagram and.

It just looks so good and I’m pretty sure on an Instagram story those like some filming her and she went into it and I saw the massive box it was just so.

Good and she definitely went all out I’d give this like a 10 at 10 so this second one I thought I might as well do this.

One next because it’s Kylie.

Jenner again but with stole me and literally ate my heart melted at this photo.

I just thought it was so cute because obviously her name stormy and then just got like a stormy costume so yeah I definitely give us another chance and it’s so it’s so good like I love her hair in this that’s like a little bulb and then like how stormy is wearing a cute little golden outfit ah I would say watch this video of Manzo just be like me reviewing the Kardashians Halloween costumes anyway because like you know the.

Next one is stole me and Kylie Jenner once again but their birth dressed up as butterflies and once again they both look really good like kind of got like these massive butterfly wings and Oh stormy she’s so cute a little butterfly wings would keep this tonight.

And once again like honestly these are all gamete and because you know they have the money to just put the effort in you know this next one is of all the Kardashians and they went as angels I’m pretty sure I think I heard when I was reading about it angels and once again they all look flawless because you know obviously they have the money to put the effort in their wings are so.
Cool like wish I had this kind of wings.

Like I just I mean I couldn’t.

Pull it off but you know they look good so that’s good for.

Them but they’re pretty simple they’re like simple but bold and yeah really like them the next one is like one of my favorite ones it’s Rita Ora and she went this post Malone and I thought this was so funny and she just pulled.

It off perfectly and I saw few other photos of her in this costume and oh my god she just did such a good job like all.

On point and like the costume as well it’s just so good the next one is of James Charles and he went as some.

Sea monster and the makeup oh it’s so good like all the effects around the eyes and then like the stuff coming out of the neck it’s so good like he is truly talented at makeup I’ll give him that ten or ten the next one is of Harry Styles and he went as Elton John.

I thought it was actually a really good idea and he.

Pulled it off once again and Elton John will be proud of.

This one this like look and yeah I really like it the glasses are on point and I love this further the Percy’s pulling so yeah so good the next one I don’t know her she put.

Like all the effort in but it’s Anne Hathaway and she’s going some mummy and I don’t know it just doesn’t look like she put the effort in the Halloween but like you know good attempt I can tell your mummy the second last one I have is one with Kevin Hart and his wife and they’re both minions and I really like this costume because they’ve clearly made themselves and it’s got like a CH for heart I’m pretty sure and yeah.

I really like swine I’d give it probably like a nine eight or nine out of ten yeah whoops exercise thought there was one more but there actually is and I got no more so that was me reviewing the celebrities the top celebrity Halloween costumes of this year I really like them my favorite.

One was probably probably Rita Ora’s purse Malone or Kylie Jenner and stormy with the stormy costume yes that’s my favorite ones if you enjoyed.

This video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up because you know that’ll really make.

Me feel good and boost my confidence and also subscribe if you want to because I’m a start person more often because I know haven’t posted like three months so grimy anyways so like it subscribe down below and I’ll see you guys next time cue the actor like.

Celebs Go Dating Season 5 Episode 14 | #ep14 |

You you oh my god I think night night night night member my god member like why is it not a me poking you fuckers a little bit good but it’s pretty good DK DK is nice armor gets it wrong he is a great big Hindi’s in like the middle of four oh my god they tried so hard yeah.

It was blocking me I think yeah it was so if that’s HFN you’re pinging him back right now almost feels a little bit tough now get the variations nice silence.

On the three this is low just ridiculous we have common of two spells like the Huracan connection and our TZ is gonna go down you never expect the damage from crystal Maiden.

Right now no you should see him doing karting man we ain’t to our kart race okay that’s man that’s not that’s not all the bastard the reason all marge is one of the odd join your team versus because they were scared of dying son strike that lays out it’s a good.

Kill and enemy’s gonna go down for the first time it’s very hard to get injured during karting right so it’s like colic.

Minute right I mean they’re going man what there oh thank you sure oh man but that this should have came like a long time ago Stan finds out he’s here to haul teeth they should definitely work I feel like they closed on it earlier can I take the Torah do I think you can take the tower I’ve seen some someone do that my pops listen anything something not sure it’s like this Frank 700 guys first picks invoker okay was he good just sunstrike again and be dying back to back.

At bottom I don’t know why he keeps going bottom top tower I think you should go for that one she haven’t heard people calling k3 I don’t think as I say HFN I see he’s actually going whistle Oh mid.

Lane and B might just go down once again what I eat doing this is gonna get stunned up by the curse crown he’s pretty tanky but sunstrike gonna come in he’s gonna fall once again as s4 also picks.

Up a kill they do lose the drove for this no follow up as pi doesn’t really have damaged some heroes draw it’s pretty good.

Against all Knights he does.

Like tidehunter it’s Polti marry so they’re smoked up they’re doing what Allah wants trying to get the OL tee off yep onto the.

Invoker tornado lay downs good hops a shrine for him the leaves to the game it’s gonna get stunned up power shot and he’s gone now the question is what can you get out of this if you’re Yugi gonna follow the earth Panda time it out of the primal spirit that is gonna be three kills they need to kill.

Them hookers faster yeah just and then just it’s the talk and then just leave the guy the tepees yeah they’re all the stupid they arrange that everything just I think the Rangers waited I think it is a nerve from cool now you need the nerve from the on the range hold on range should be sure it’s gonna make their.

Move but nice really nice old crit is gonna die they get the Bruce split off to gonna open up onto the invoker s4 already has to kill they haven’t that.

All to hear maybe if they can catch him on the downswing he is completely abandoned way too early he keeps coming in what was that level two old from necro it’s 30 extra seconds it’s like one or two items he’s going for like that hey you just get more tanky get like an AC.

Celebs Attend Drake's 32nd Birthday Party (diddy, Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown, French Montana)

Smoked up on the boy the birthday boy [Applause] Oh Oh 217 5.9 three to seven to five point nine three to seven to update your Chappelle on saying courtesy brother it was incredible son the most incredible father the most incredible everything we could ever ask for and I want to thank God for your drink into our lives for.

Life support the birthday boy Oh – seventy five point nine three.

Two seven two five point nine three two seven two bitches – L say Oh that was amazing you’re amazing incredible happy birthday wishing you the very best year of your inside 365 days and then three days forever and always all the love.

Older, Wiser, Chicer: Sienna Miller Style Evolution

For years, actress Sienna Miller was as famous for her quirky bohemian style as she was for her acting. Lately her style has evolved, and along with it, her career.

Anyone who was of an age to appreciate fashion and celebrity will remember the Sienna Miller style of the last decade. In 2004 at the ripe old age of 21, Miller went from being nearly completely anonymous to paparazzi fodder literally overnight, after the release of the film Alfie.

Alfie was only her second big film, and she was co-starring with the very famous Jude Law in a pairing that became one of the most public on-again, off-again love affairs of the naughties.

It was during this time that we really got to know the Sienna Miller as style icon of the first decade of the 2000’s; fun-loving, free-spirited, and just a little bit cheeky. Her style during this time was undoubtedly a reflection of just how much fun she was having, as well as a by-product of a rather liberal upbringing in which she was regularly encouraged to follow her heart.

Sienna Miller’s bohemian style

Sienna Miller bohemian style

Miller’s style was distinctive during this time; she was actually more well-known for her bohemian bent than she was for her acting. Some of her signature pieces were fur gilets, slouchy boots with even slouchier Balenciaga bags, floppy felt hats, peasant blouses and studded belts, just to name a few.

It was during her bohemian period (along with a little help from that other well-known London bohemian, Kate Moss) that festival fashion really became the stand-alone genre that it is today.

Miller’s bohemian style began to garner her some notice from the fashion industry, most notably in the form of American Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour. Miller began appearing on the cover of Vogue magazine regularly, and as one would expect, the exposure that she had to the fashion world rubbed-off on her personal style.

Miller still retained her bohemian tastes, but here we began to see a bit of refinement – especially on the red carpet. Miller’s penchant for diaphanous, flowing gowns and dramatic cutaway backs and necklines have made for some jaw-dropping red carpet moments over the years.

The emotional roller-coaster


Miller’s relationship with Jude Law ended in a rather unfortunately public way when Law publicly admitted to cheating on her. Unfortunately for Miller, the tabloid headlines didn’t end there. Her free-spirited personality was a powerful bait for the press, and Miller soon found her love life taking precedence over her work in the headlines.

Of course, a string of relationships with some very high-profile A-listers didn’t help much either. Miller was tied to Rhys Ifans, Daniel Craig, and perhaps most notoriously, married father of four Balthazar Getty.

These very public romances, coupled with what was most likely publicity fatigue from all of the exposure from her Vogue covers and paparazzi shots proved to be the Achilles’ heel in Miller’s career trajectory. On the back of the Getty affair, a public backlash against Miller began, and the press branded her everything from a “party girl” to a “home wrecker”.

The disappearance from the public eye and her return


With a public backlash in full-swing and a realization that her career was in jeopardy of falling completely by the wayside, Miller took herself out of the limelight for several years. In a recent interview with Esquire UK Magazine, Miller is quoted as saying that at that period in her life, she “had no control over any aspect of her life”, so she deliberately disappeared, saying that she was sick of herself – sick of that public perception of who she was.

Miller’s decision to slow down and take herself out of the limelight meant that she disappeared from our radars for a few years, and focused on reviving her faltering career. She had a few successful theatrical turns during this time, as well as a few small film projects.

But perhaps the thing that had the biggest impact on Miller was her involvement with the News of the World phone hacking scandal, in which she was one of the most high-profile victims who gave evidence against the Murdoch Empire. It was an experience that changed her, catapulting her into the limelight once again, but this time in a positive light.

The experience had had a huge impact on her ongoing style transformation as well.

In addition to the experience of the phone hacking scandal, Miller is now also more settled in her personal life. She has been given a reprieve by Hollywood, with roles in the critically-acclaimed movies Fox catcher and American Sniper. She is settled with actor-boyfriend Tom Sturridge, and the two of them not only have a daughter, but plans to marry soon.

And the best part of it all? All of these happy turns of events are apparent in her personal style. Sure, the odd bohemian wild-child reference is still present in her wardrobe, but there is lightness to it now – a joy that was absent before. We have to admit, we love it!