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I Want You To Win All My Clothes! (plus Our New Home Tour!)

So for today’s competition I’m giving away all of this I just don’t have enough room in my closet and I don’t want them to go in storage and get dusty I would rather one of you guys get a massive closet hole so if you want to go in the running to win my biggest wardrobe giveaway ever make sure.
You say mutely do you like your new home do you like.

Your new home think me is gonna attack you what because she’s not you’re not playing with a pig explain why we are back in the same building that we moved out of three months ago so you may remember a blog from a.

Few months ago where we packed up literally everything we owned and put it in storage and decided to live nomadically until the wedding now we did that we lived in like our family air B&B for.

A while and traveled but we found it really difficult because we’re having to fly back to Sydney pretty much every single week for work yeah we did five Sydney trips in four weeks and that works out to be quite expensive as well yeah and so then we were here but living in a hotel which was crazy expensive just so that we could like do our normal work so we then decided to.

Move back here we contacted our old real estate agent we were like is our apartment still available and she.

Like no but another one in the building is literally four doors down take it and now we’re here so this building this is a to better this is not a three better but it is the same or roughly the same floor space so it actually feels a lot bigger.
It does feel a lot bigger and I’ve.

Got to be honest even though we make some crazy decisions I feel like we came out on top because I like.

This apartment a lot better it just has like a really homely nice feel to it yeah me too so I think it’s time that you guys get the house.

Reveal let’s do it when it is what a transition welcome to a new Sydney patch because an abundance of room it’s so good I know and the main thing that I found is weird about it is like you guys to pretty much collapse.
To unpack the dishwasher you.

Have to realize we don’t need to go.

To the gym anymore this is my favorite bit we’ve got the fridge with the the water dispenser thing which is going to save us a small fortune in is way too tall for me to reach so we had to.

Get a little stool just to reach out and cover look like 700 different cupboards so we should never run out of storage now with the hose so this is the laundry but right now we’re kind of using it as a bit of storage because we haven’t quite figured everything out yet monitors laundry is in.

There I love that that’s so good it’s nice we have to talk with that stuff away yeah this is my bathroom and also the guest bathroom I guess it’s supposed to be the guest bathroom but.

Kane’s kind of claimed it yeah my little this is my favorite thing this is called a flight and it is powered by a magnet so really nice installed a Google employed here which will play me music when I do my ablutions waterfall shower regular shell now this is where it gets a lot bigger than our last place because our the width of this I think it was exactly.

Half the width yeah so we’ve gone from a three better to a two better but because it’s the same floor size we have a lot more room here now you may notice the distinct absence of a sofa may or may not be my fault so.

Decided estable on the couch because we were moving into a fully furnished air B&B and.

We didn’t expect me back so soon so the removal guys took our couch and kept it and now we are sitting.

On the floor and so we can figure out how to get a couch which we also I just want to mentioned we haven’t quite decorated yet or anything we’ve just got to the point where we’ve unpacked everything that we had in storage so I.

Get like a nice piece of art to put in that empty space there but the one thing I’m super excited to have back is my memory selfies that will be this is the biggest mirror I’ve ever seen I.

Can’t even look it’s big there actually that’s a big door but this is a huge mirror me mirror yeah it’s a pretty big round so this is a studio and this is the one thing that we were really missing when we were living in.

Airbnb is because a lot of our work requires.

You know filming and like really good lighting and all that sort of stuff and if you’re just relying on outside lighting it can be a lot harder so this is kind of essential for us from a work perspective this.

Is my studio where I do all my like tutorials and things like that we’re working on another fun series for the channel as well and basically we’ve.

Got two LED lights on either side here they can be moved like closer or further away depending on how bright we needed they can also go warmer lighting or cool lighting yes I will be able to adjust the warmth of these lights to enable us to have a more consistent light even if it’s cloudy or sunny outside and then we’re going to connect the camera to the iPad so Pierre has a bigger.

Monitor to view what she’s doing so essentially when I’m shooting in here we’re gonna be closing the black up lines there so that I don’t have a harsh side light yeah which means we’re kind of in control of our lighting and hopefully fingers crossed that all works nicely I think you’ll be fine and the next thing I want to do and maybe actually I wonder what you guys think in our last studio we had like you.

Know like a little flower pot and like candles and like a few bits and bobs in the background but it’s such a tight space here that I think the best thing to do is like get like colored backdrops.

Yeah I don’t think you’ve got space here to put a table on background stuff no so I think we need to do colored backdrops here which I also think looks really good yeah well.

We can just use the green-screen thing and like put some cloth or something over it so that it it.

That stand and then you can choose whatever color you want for a background but it will be a solid color not like a plant and a fairy lights well work that Admiral update you guys on.

The studio setup once we have it all perfect but this is kind of where we’re at so far okay now let me show you the balcony because this is what I love so much about this apartment so this balcony opens up into each room so you can.

Fully open up all the doors and make it like a really nice open plan space this is my favorite bit actually the balcony because I can go from bed straight out here or straight into the into the main room without having to use any doors and we were about to go into summer here in Australia so every day these are just gonna be wide open and it just has this really nice feel of like fluidity and.

Open space I really like it also means I’m.

Never too far away from you I was gonna say that I’ve also convinced piers to let me park my super 73 in the house which is like as a guy that’s a real win for me he’s like it’s industrial baby but matches the apartment mustn’t.

Give this video a comment if.

You think that is the best feature of our house so far so one.

Unusual thing is my wardrobe is out here or most of it anyway I find it very odd that the.

Wardrobe there’s like a massive massive wardrobe in the front.

Room haven’t I done a good job on packing this is why we’re broke I also have the Wardrobe in the studio and then Kane has the one in the main bedroom yeah I have two small doors here has the rest of the house and the bedroom you have no idea how nice is to be back in our own bed I’m so happy about it there’s just something.

About like sleeping in your own bed that just I can’t beat it I know and this is a great bed it’s very comfy and it’s good for my bat so you saw how big piers wardrobe is this is all I get that thing and this she was like you can have the whole wardrobe in the bedroom and when I got here I realized this is all just shelves I’ve actually only got that and this.

Weirdly designed wardrobe which is just awkward to get into so I.

Definitely got the bomb end of the deal there out there so I’ve put.

A rack here and I think I’m gonna have to do a little bit of a cull so this building is really odd because it used to be a factory like it’s.

Literally converted Factory and so there’s all these really random beams everywhere and I don’t know what that actually is but I’ve kind of made it into like a little reading note yeah I think it’s cute some pillows there and otherwise are just gonna stroll that clothes on there and that’s not a good idea not so my bathroom.

Oh our master bathroom no its peers bathroom I’m not allowed in here I’m so excited we need to go and get like a hundred candles and like really nice romance wife these bathrooms are weird the lighting in here is really dull like I don’t know how’s it go I don’t think.

You can get ready here no I can’t that’s why I need the studio hmm makeup in this mirror last week it’s just coming out bright orange this is the wigs part of the house so that up there is an indoor balcony which you can only really access from the ladder let me show.

You but the weirdest thing is we have zero idea how to get any furniture of it it’s really weird because you’ve got the strange another.

Thing so it’s like you’re going into an attic this is kind of regular used space Oh see this is weird the whole lot there to get in there is.

Smoke so you can’t even get wanted to get peers office chair up there and make this an office but you can’t because there’s a beam there check this out it’s weird isn’t it it’s very weird and many others and also that’s so all open so this is a cool little space but we can’t actually.

Figure out how to get any furniture up here I think we honestly need to make like a pulley system and pull I don’t think we should be responsible for that that seems so dangerous who wants to buy a bit of rope and just put everything down here and then just winch it up and that is just gonna cause so much.

Damage this house the only other option is by flat-packed furniture and.

Literally build it up here yeah so we’re still trying to.

Figure out how to vlog without too much echo because I know that’s a problem but we do love the high ceiling just a.

Lot of nice light into the house yeah it’s a really beautiful so I think we’ll probably end up putting a couch here or an l-shaped one here and Pierre wants to get rid of my guitar cuz I never play it no just play it you’re gonna serenade me do you.

Guys have any ideas what to do with that space up there or how to get furniture or anything up there let me know I’m honestly thinking about just putting a bunch.

Of pillows up there and maybe like a sleeping you could put a TV up there and put.

A load of pillows and that’d be kind of cool so that’s what we’ve been up to for the last couple of days making sure we unpack everything.

And my gosh that is the most hideous thing ever like unpacking literally every single piece of clothing and every single piece is like skincare and makeup and everything we own this is why we were late on the blog last week because we were literally driving back from Queensland and New South Wales and I’m packing everything and doing all this kind of handiwork if there’s been a bit of a nightmare I’ve never felt this tired in my whole life oh my god I just realized you were in Kok here with a cockney hat and I’m.

Wearing black with a black hat we look so the one.

Thing that we did discover whilst unpacking everything is that I have.

A far too many clothes yes you do so we decided that in this episode instead of giving away a slinky voucher we’re going to do something a little bit different check this out so for today’s competition I’m giving.

Away all of this if you go out once a week that’s enough clothes for six months yes I think it’s like 27 individual pieces I just don’t have enough room in my closet and I.

Go in storage and get dusty I would rather one of you guys get a massive closet hole so if you want to go in.

The running to win my biggest wardrobe giveaway ever make sure you subscribe to this channel make sure you like this video and comment down below why you should win this massive or wardrobe giveaway this is honestly so exciting I would love to win something like this it’s like just get a whole massive box of new clothes arrived so all of these pieces are pieces that I’ve posted.

On my Instagram so if you do like the styling that I post on there I’m sure you’re gonna love every single piece in this massive giveaway and I can’t wait to see.

One of you guys enjoying them so make sure you enter down below and talking about giveaways we have to announce the winner of the last slinky voucher from last video the winner is this person please make sure you DM me so I can get you your code and you can go shopping on the slinky.

Sides so now we have a lot of errands to run we have to go buy a couch and all sorts of things so we’re gonna leave the blood bare we just wanted to update you guys on our lives and reveal.

Our new Pat I hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you in the next video bye you.

Plus Size Fashion Try On Haul | Lazy Girl Comfy Clothes | Sometimes Glam

I have been sick and laying on this couch for a week now and I have not put on real clothes and so today’s whole video is inspired by my illness and not wanting to put on real clothes and is especially for my babes that don’t want to put on real clothes and if you have a Netflix weekend coming.

Up if you’re sick if you just want to be cozy this is the hole for you before I get into the hall we have a sponsor for today’s video you guys oh my god can I get an amen.

Amen can I get a yay so a huge thank you to shop Tigers parting with me for this video shock shock I reached out to me about three months ago to tell me about their platform and once they started using.

It I really started seeing how awesome and useful it is so I wanted to share it with.

You as if it’s something you’re interested in so shop tiger is a Chrome extension so it’s.
A website that you can use but it’s also.

An app I like using the website because it’s really really helping me organize my online shopping so the main thing.

Shop Tiger can do for you I think that will save you guys some money that you’re really.

Really gonna like and obviously it’s free to use is that you can add a product to your list or create lists and then it will notify you when things.

Go on sale if there’s a price change I think you can set it to like 50% like if something goes to 50% off assume they goes 25% off or any price change which is really nice so if you have your eye especially on something maybe luxury a little more expensive and you want to know.

When it goes on sale you don’t have to like check back every you know day or so checker will just notify you and let you know that there’s been a price change on that item so you.

Can grab it at that discounted price but the main reason I’m using trap taker and how I’m mostly using it outside of the sale thing is that I’m using it to help me organize things they see online that I don’t necessarily like know what I want to do.

It yet so what I put together hauls are when I like just going out in my day to day shopping I search like the web far and white and there’s some times where I see things and I don’t.

Like they don’t remember where I saw them and I’m trying to remember and so I’ve been using shop tagger to kind of not only notify me of things go on sale but also the kind of organizing into accessories into tops into shoes into like wellness stuff just kind of keeping all of the things that.

I’m interested in that I want to buy that maybe I don’t want to pay for.

Now wouldn’t want to wait for a check to clear you know zoom and I can go back and I can look on my shop take your account and kind of go in and then Add to Cart from there so it’s a really really great service I think you guys should check it out there’s a.

Link down below so you guys can sign up for something you’re into I really like I said I really like it because it just keeps things organized to keep things cool and if you’re on a budget and you have an eye especially on those.

Bigger ticket items you guys this is a really great way to know immediately when something goes on sale so you don’t miss.

That because I feel like there’s nothing well there’s only like one thing worse then missing out on a sale and that’s when you add something the cart and then it’s just gone.

That’s that’s like the worst like nothing haunts us more than things we didn’t buy right but like this is really.

Cool because it lets you know and then you don’t miss out on the sale so anyway that is a little bit about shout taker again check it out in the link down below thank you so much type checker for sponsoring today’s video you guys are Devon and I am going to jump right into all.

Of this month I mean it’s just it’s a cozy haul so I think you’re really good you really like.

It if I seem a little off I’m still a little sickened by a little sick I mean alot sick and I’ve been filming and I’m really tired so okay so like I said today’s Hallows fills with clothes that are not clothes but are totally clothes that you should definitely have it if you’re sick you’re really gonna want them I have a bunch of sweaters some sweatpants I.

Mean this is really like the cozy lazy girls halls I hope you guys really like it so the first thing I’m going to start off with actually have this sweater on this is from my line Astra it has a roll the gold.
Zipper and it is a stripy sweater so if you’re into that.

Sort of thing I’ll link that.

Down below comes in a 1x 2x 3x and then I didn’t but I just put this on to film because I’m still not feeling all.

And I just want to be cozy so this isn’t in the triumph or SHINee because I just threw this on because I’m not feeling well and I want to be cozy and also I turn the thermostat down to 68 degrees so that I could be cold enough to wear a sweater so anyway I’m gonna lick this guy down below but the first item I have for you is this.

Chunky blush knit sweater I picked this up at H&M Times Square while I was in New York and I got it in a size extra.

Large if it’s still available obviously everything will be linked down below so here it is it’s.

A funnel neck crap length sweater I really really it’s just so cozy so you have me but again I love the color of this and that’s kind of the theme of this box.
Is that like every I have everything in a box and.

There a lot of its the same actually got a lot of duplicate items but I got them for the different colors and this one this color I saw it at like 1:00 in the morning at H&M Times Square now I was like yes I want this I need this and.

It has served me quite well the second thing that I have and this is kind.

Of going to be the next grouping of products are all gonna be from the same company they’re all from airy so if you are using shop tiger by the.

You know start using it and save money with it it raise the company and America New York is a company that puts their stuff.

On seals so often that like if you want to wait till you get something on sale like they’re gonna be a really good way to get notified by the way okay so this first item from American Eagle is this funnel neck sweater.

It’s it’s a chunky knit but it’s very very soft like everything is just really really soft and it looks like thick and chunky but it’s actually like kind of an open net so it’s not too terribly heavy the H&M sweater is very heavy it’s gonna keep you really warm but this guy is not it’s just kind of a light and chunky knit.

And what I really like about this for my babes that are wearing leggings and I am wearing.

Leggings in the Tri um for is that this is long enough that it will cover the tush and it’s just I wish you guys could feel this because that’s really what is selling me on this one in particular is just how soft the fabric is you just want to like just it’s so yummy and delicious and I just want to have a cup of tea and wear this and put on like I want to.

Binge-watch hot ones and then get a cup of tea and they put this on and sit on my couch and not leave until.

Tomorrow like that actually that sounds amazing to me I think I’m gonna do that right after this but this.

From American Eagle I’m following up from American Eagle I got two of the same sweaters but I got them in different tones because I think it’s really.

You so here is a navy crewneck sweater and what’s cool about this is it’s kind got a little bit of a different sleeve it’s kind of got a.

Little bit of a balloon sleeve I don’t know if you can see it but kind of puffs out and then gets really tight kind of at the wrist none that.

Tight tight but you know fit it at the wrist I love this this is again a heavier knit so far in terms of heaviness the.

White one is the lightest this one is more of a medium and then that one information is very heavy but this is really pretty I love a dark inky blue I cannot get enough of a color like this layers really.

Easily too but then I thought it came in this icy blue I love blue blue and green are my two favorite colors but this was just it’s pulling a little grey on camera I guess it’s great it’s like an icy blue grey it’s really cute to get the exact same sweater with the exact same sleeve and yeah.

Just something really nice to wear around the house I just love a chunky knit like so so so much moving on I have this sweater from area this is my least favorite sweater out of the whole bunch but I still I mean everything is good so this is a medium white kind of almost like a.

Sweatshirt material sweatshirt because it cuz it’s just because it’s a sweatshirt crystal can you tell that I’m sick I’m a little like do you sweatshirt crystal have you seen sweater crystal fashion do you fashion no didn’t think so anyway here is another big this is a really big oversized look how huge this thing.

Is it’s so great it’s so nice.

And cozy just a really easy to wear just thing to wear around the house and again and just something to throw in over leggings it’ll cover your butt looks really cute so so cute so so cozy so there is that guy I know this is not the most exciting haul in the world you guys but it’s a necessary haul and you know I’m being real with you I’m being authentic.

I’ve been feeling like crap and.

Therefore I have been wearing sweatpants and stuff it’s it’s actually been amazing honestly by the way the tights that I’m wearing or the leggings that I’m wearing.

Ditch The Dryer Making A Convenient Easy To Use Clothes Drying Rack

In today’s video I’m going to show you how to make this clothes drying rack that you just raise up and get out of your way when you’re all done hanging your clothes up and then you gain back your floor space in your laundry room or whatever part of the house you dry your clothes I came up with this.

Idea because I like being able to dry the clothes without using the dryer but clothes.

Dryer racks to me just take up way too much room so I’m trying to think of a way to still be able to drive the clothes without having.

A take up a massive amount of room in the house so to start you’re going to need for 10 foot long half inch pieces of PVC pipe we’re just going to cut them into three equal thirds forty inches of piece so now we’re.

Just going to measure and mark forty inches then I’m just taking two pieces of pine one by three inch and I’m going to cut them down to five feet long that I’m just gonna wash up the ends on the two pieces stack them on.
Top of each other and clamp them together that’s.

The layout I’m going to go three inches from the end and then six inches in between each one okay you just want to go and mark Center now.

I just have a 3/16 inch paddle bit and I’m gonna drill through with my two pieces making sure I have a strap piece of wood below so I don’t have any tear-out and now at this part of.

The project you have a helper and makes it a little easier oh so now we’re just gonna put a little.

Bit of glue and each hole and with your assistance help with.

A hammer a min these go pretty hard gender multi-tap then you’ll want to put a little bit of glue in each hole on.

Your second pine board so once you got glue in every hole now I want to flip it over now when it’s all put together we just got to quickly sand the edges get everything flushed up nice and even then we’re going to put the number six.

I hook in each corner then if you need more leverage to tighten them up you can use.

A screwdriver so what I ended up doing so the hinged side as I took an eyebolt and put it in the ceiling and one on the.

The clothes drying rack these are just the ends off of rubber bungee cords I squished one end I left the other end open so.

If we want to remove the clothes drying rack we just got to pop that off on both sides so for the side that I have the rope on to raise up the clothes rack I put I hooks on each corner and then ran a rope through down and.

They meet back up I tied a press ik not just slide up and down and to cinch the clothes rack in place when.

You’re not using it I hope the video is helpful and showing you guys how to.

Make one of these clothes drying racks you have any ideas and how to make it better leave them in the comments below thanks for watching and we’ll see you on the.

Next video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you liked the video thanks again in today’s video I’m going to show you how to make this clothes drying rack they just raise up and get out of.

Your way when you’re all done hanging your clothes up and then you gain back your floss space in your laundry room or whatever part of the house you dry your clothes I came up with this idea because I like being able to dry the clothes without using the.

Dutch Military Forgets To Buy Warm Clothes Before Winter Exercises In Norway | Zerohedge

Dutch military officials forgot to buy winter clothes for their Navy soldiers ahead of a winter exercise in central Norway and have now resorted to asking the soldiers to go to the stores themselves and by their own warm clothes no this is not the onion seemingly having forgotten that it can get a little chilly in the Norwegian mountains this.

Time of year in what had to be reread and retranslated numerous times to believe it half in post and.

Reports that around 1000 soldiers have now been told to go to the store and get warmer clothes as soon as possible after special Dutch parliamentary decision was made to ensure funds were made.

Available Secretary of State Barbara Visser had to assure politicians from both the government parties and the opposition that soldiers attending the.
Trident juncture NATO exercise in Norway from October.

To November will not have to cover the cost of winter.

Clothes from their own pocket promising that the soldiers will receive an advance of 1,000 euros each the Dutch defense regularly sends Marines and delete forces to winter training in Norway but in this case according to Visser they had not expected it to get very cold in Norway late in the fall since earlier.

Experiences from the same season in Lithuania indicated that warm clothes are not required here’s a map to help all of which is even.

More farcical since NATO to tail the goal of the Trident juncture exercise Trident juncture will test NATO’s ability to Train and operate together also in the northern parts of the NATO area it will also test the Alliance’s ability to operate in cold weather and difficult terrain politicians from most parties in Parliament reacted with disbelief when the newspaper added Telegraph revealed that the Armed Forces do not have warm clothes for their.
Soldiers there is money set aside for the purchase of warm clothes.

And Dutch companies say they can deliver but.

The Armed Forces purchasing department called the CPU.

What it needs for politicians it’s a mystery how to get in this situation in Parliament Visser could not explain what has gone wrong other than that.

The exercise may have moved to colder areas we wonder if President Trump has heard how efficient and prepared one of his NATO allies really is.

Household Essentials 5 Line Retractable Mini Clothesline

Hi I’m Brianna from urban clotheslines today I’ll be showing you the five line retractable mini dryer buy household essentials it’s easy to install and comes with all the hardware you’ll need as well as the dryer and the screws we’ll also be needing a screwdriver or drill the back of the box has a mounting template showing you where to.

Put the screws once the wall is marked drill in the screws if your wall is hollow or if you’re using a surface which isn’t wood you can use the plastic anchors which are included leave the screws sticking out from the wall just a bit.

Once the screws are in place align them with the back of the dryer and slide down to secure then.

On the opposite wall screw in the screw hooks once it’s installed you’re ready to extend the lines make sure the knob is pulled out so it’s unlocked and secure the lines on the opposite wall the five lines extend 12 feet giving you 60 feet of drying space making this mini.

Dryer perfect for couples it’s lightweight and heavy-duty construction make this dryer ideal for indoor and outdoor use you can make the lines taut with the tension control knob make sure before hanging clothes you tighten it and then push in to lock into.

Place now you’re ready to hang your clothes the clothes pins I’m using today are by Morman and they are from the 24 pack.

Of soft grip spring style clothes pins this dryer is molded of high-impact plastic so it wipes clean with a damp.

Cloth it’s rust dust and damp proof case keeps the lines clean and ready for use this retractable mini dryer is perfect for lightweight laundry and delicates and works well in small spaces such as bathrooms laundry rooms dark rooms porches or RVs for more information please visit our bin clotheslines com hi.

I’m Brianna from urban clotheslines today I’ll be showing you the five line retractable mini dryer buy household essentials.

Household Essentials Umbrella Clothes Dryer

Hi I’m Brianna from urban clotheslines today I’ll be showing you the umbrella dryer by household essentials it’s lightweight easy to maneuver and arrives completely pre-strung and ready for installation it comes with the upper structure post and ground sleeve the first thing to do is to securely install the ground sleep in the ground it’s suggested to do this with.

Concrete for added stability and we have a separate video showing how to do that once the ground sleeve is in the ground you can put in the post notice that one end is a bit skinnier and that will attach with the upper structure the upper structure arrives with a string keeping it closed so we’ll just untie that.

And then it fits over the post open up the arms a bit and then from down here we’ll just slide it upwards until it locks into place it has four sections each with 12 lines for a total of 165 feet of drying space making this dry are perfect for families it rotates for easy loading so you can stand in.

One spot to load and unload all of your laundry it has an aluminum post and upper structure with a dual handle which adjusts the height up or down its center post is notched to lock the dryer in place and when you’re all finished it folds for compact storage for more information please visit our bin clotheslines.
Calm hi I’m Brianna from urban clotheslines today I’ll be sure..

I Got New Clothes

Hello people my name is Bella if you don’t know me hey guys I got these two t-shirts I’m just gonna give you a life of big I got this cute t-shirt please add it tell my squad be like mmm it’s like ask me that’s my best friends left my school and dad my favorite and then my took you.

It’s so it’s not so good and it’s no also I got this cute little t-shirt deatta if you’re watching this you must be Java my teacher will look at.

It if you live it I am its funding please hello it’s sad sponsored all myself close even this come from places guys give it a big thumbs up or.

Give it a big thumbs out I already care guys just give.

Please give this video a thumbs up or thumbs.

Up oh really guy just subscribe and hit smash that like button let subscribe button and I will see you guys later bye.

Getting Deodorant Off Of Your Clothes

Hello hello everybody how’s it going I am currently not in really a correct backdrop but this is where I’m going my video today because by golly the whole thing is you know you just got to get it done when you can and I can so here we are hey Jessa how’s it going my hair I’m doing a throwback.

90s early 2000s ode to spice girls coming back for their reunion tour yes I think they’re actually not really doing the.

Tour I think they’re just like coming back for one performance I’m not really sure but I heard.

About it and I got excited so here we go so we are talking today about my black shirt is gonna kind of drink it up but about getting deodorant off of your clothes the right way so you guys know whenever you put on your deodorant you get out of the shower you go to put on that shirt and you end up getting deodorant lines on your shirt whenever you put it on because no matter how you know no.

Matter how hard you try to put that shirt on over the deodorant either it snaps back on you or it just rolls or maybe you forgot your deodorant so you put it on like as an afterthought and then you got it like on the outside of your shirt regardless it happens it happens to me almost.

Every day so I have my deodorant I’m gonna try to keep it this way so you don’t know the brand really doesn’t matter she’s trying to be professional it’s fine all right so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take my shirt okay I am going to purposely okay get deodorant on it here.

Go oops yep see all right Oh No do you see that here I’ll even.

We go deodorant on my shirt gross that’s the worst okay so how you get deodorant off the correct way is you do not use anything wet don’t do it it’s not good don’t do anything wet you want something dry and something with texture so I love using just one of my washcloths and what.

You do is you just lightly just rub hey rub rub and then I go to another side and then I rub RepRap and you don’t want to look rub it in you.

Want to just rub it as superficially as possible and then once that’s done usually it’s not on so heavy because I legitimately rolled my deodorant onto the shirt just to make a point all right and then once that’s done tada no deodorant and.

There will be lint so you’re gonna want to use a lint roller to get the lint off so hope wait you don’t have lived all over your shirt however no more deodorant so that.

Is how you get deodorant off your clothes the right.

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